Elle Initiative – Wear Pink to Work Day | We have pledged our support to the fight against breast cancer

A hint of blush, a tinge of salmon or a splash of fuchsia, it’s time to celebrate life in the pink of health. The fight against breast cancer is an ongoing one. Recent studies have shown that 96% women are at higher risk of developing breast cancer if not checked annually. This year, let’s celebrate Wear Pink to Work Day in PINK with Ogaan Cancer Foundation and Elle India. On 16th October 2015. If you think that you are not at risk, here are few facts for you to sit up and take notice.

Know Your Risk Factor

Having children post 30 or not at all is a significant risk factor.
Limited or no breastfeeding can increase your chances of developing breast cancer.
Alcohol consumption of more than 3 drinks a week can increase your vulnerability.
Stress or long working hours can compromise your immune system.
Being overweight or obese has been linked to an increase in cancers.
A family history of breast cancer does not mean you will develop cancer, but it does put you at greater risk.

Why you should be screened 

One in 30 women in India runs the risk of developing breast cancer in her lifetime.
56% of Indian patients have large tumors at first detection; in the West, where screening is more prevalent, more tumors are detected when they are less than 1 cm.
75% of breast lumps are benign, yet women hesitate to have them checked out.
Survival rates are significantly higher if cancer is detected early.
An annual clinical exam is recommended for women under 40 and involves a physical examination of the breast by a trained medical specialist.
A mammogram is usually advised only if there are high-risk factors or after the age of 40, so don’t let the fear of a mammogram stop you for an annual check-up.
The initiative has seen 230 companies and over 1,40,000 employees signing up for the cause over the past three years. The idea is to spread awareness among your employees and encourage them to go for their annual mammogram.

Hence, encourage your employees to wear pink, or add a shade of blush to your decors. These may be small steps, but they can go a long way in generating awareness about breast cancer, and ultimately, preventing it.

We, at Iflauntme, have pledged our support to the fight against breast cancer.

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