Vintage is valuable | Read up on all things vintage and follow it up with raiding your mom’s closet

Vintage Fashion (n). Collectibles from the past decades that have a high sartorial value. For e.g., we all agree that no matter why everyone gave them a cult following, Juicy track-suits will never be vintage.

WHY VINTAGE | Vintage items are one-of-a-kind. They are environment-friendly, since you are replenishing classics from the past. And who could deny its potentially soaring monetary value? Don’t believe us? Go check out the vintage 1960’s Chanel 2.55 flap. We rest our case.
Apart from great quality and uniqueness, retro accents inspire personal style. They help you weave a style story with the best from both worlds - now and then. Now you know why designers are hung-over the Seventies.

Pick out pieces that resonate with your personal style

WHAT IS VINTAGE SHOPPING | Wonder what makes a vintage item a classic to keep and cherish? And drives people to dole out a fortune to inherit an heirloom piece. It’s a timeless classic, which has survived decades of trends (and fads) and emerged as a clear keepsake. And just like your prized vintage wine, it only gets better with age. The unparalleled workmanship and immaculate detailing of a vintage item make it a desired possession.

The trend is slowly picking up the pace in a country where people look down on vintage items as hand-me-downs. A few brands have carved a niche customer following and deal in all things vintage. House of Blondie, in Hauz Khas village, is a modern vintage concept store housing some exquisite pieces, collected from all around the world. From John Lennon sunglasses to other quirky accessories, their creative director Kareena Vinaik curates authentic vintage pieces (Ungaro, Viktor, and Rolf, YSL to name a few) from Milan to recycled pieces from her personal closet. “All vintage items are procured from authentic vintage markets across London, Milan and New York,” she says.

RAID YOUR MOTHER’S CLOSET | Read that as “free clothes”! So, before you set out on a scavenger hunt for all things vintage, remember that charity begins at home. Who knows what treasures you will discover in your mother’s vault? (Denims from 2000? NOT SO VINTAGE.)
You can borrow from your grandmother’s trinkets, a beautiful hand-crafted choker (also a huge trend for Spring/Summer 2015). Your mother’s chiffon saree can be a true vintage prize with its delicate floral embroidery, as they don’t make ‘em like this no more; retro shades that she rocked in her college days are definitely up for grabs. Look deeper and you might find the perfect vintage clutch, and a great story for your brunch conversations.

HOW TO SHOP FOR VINTAGE. Be warned! It requires a lot of time and a hawk’s eye to unearth a vintage gem. Learn to differentiate between a collectible and an antique. As Kareena points out, “If you are a true vintage lover, pick pieces which are signed vintage accessories instead of unsigned. They make for great buys (although expensive), but are rare finds.” Here are a few tips to consider when you walk into a vintage store

Familiarize yourself with couture, luxury houses, and vintage labels before investing in one. And to avoid looking like a confused vintage-junkie, do your research on different eras in fashion.
Pick out pieces that resonate with your personal style and you can easily integrate in your wardrobe.
Certain colors like saturated oranges and poppy reds scream vintage. When looking at fabrics look for vintage prints like Art Deco, novelty or ditzy florals. And if you find luxe leather, hold on to it as leather ages beautifully.
Check all items carefully against the light for stains and smells. Old stains don’t come off easily, hence put that piece down and continue your search.
Vintage sizes are different from the current market. Therefore, if you’ve really set your eyes on the prize, remember to take it to your neighborhood tailor to get the perfect fit.
Remember, vintage items are high-maintenance. Hence, proper care is crucial to maintaining the monetary and aesthetic value.

And if it’s over a 100-years-old, then it’s antique. So put on your cloche hats, oversized Jackie-O’s, a bright red lipstick and take a ride down the vintage alley. Start your own curated retro collection and you might hit the vintage jackpot.

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