3D printed foundations, companion serums, new age of sheet masks, and a lot of excitement

Imagine a world where your face cream is customised according to your DNA, your hair mask knows you got highlights last week, and your serum has a better handle on your likes and your dislikes. The future of beauty and skincare is supposed to be taken over by the tech-world creating hyper-personalized beauty products. The evolution of technology is not just limited to gadgets, it’s also penetrating through the beauty industry and how!

We have listed down three mind-blowing beauty products which will soon dominate the beauty market.

3D Print Make-up

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While printed makeup might sound a little strange at first, several brands have already made leaps and bounds in developing the concept. Though many beauty products promise seemingly impossible results, there may actually be a magic wand you could wave to restore some of the natural-looking beauty of your skin, according to attendees at CES 2019. It’s called the Opté Precision Skincare System, and what it promises actually sounds plausible with today’s technology — a gadget that can detect the colour and pigmentation of your skin, spot blemishes, and precisely apply tiny jets of the exact right colour makeup to those blemishes, without affecting the rest of your skin at all.

Smart serums

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Serums are effective on their own, or before you apply a moisturizer. Most have a small molecular structure, which enables them to penetrate neatly into the skin and deliver highly concentrated ingredients—hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, plant extracts and other nourishment. Some are thick and milky, others resemble your face oil’s identical twin. But the true beauty of a modern-day serum is that each one is targeted: There is something unique and especially suited for every skin type and concern. One thing all serums have in common is that a little goes a long way.  A new skincare brand called Atolla launched in beta testing with a goal to make serums that treat your skin’s unique needs—and predict how your complexion will change over time to help prevent breakouts, redness, and sensitivities.

High-tech sheet masks

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Neutrogena has created 3D-printed sheet masks, called Neutrogena MaskID, that are tailored to your face shape which will probably be available by this year end. Neutrogena already has an iPhone attachment, the 360 Skin Scanner, that uses sensors to measure moisture levels on various parts of the face and imaging technology to track wrinkle depth and pore size. Based on these readings, the new MaskID app will also recommend ingredient combinations for different facial zones. To put simply, you’ll know if your face needs a hydration mask or a pore cleansing mask, the app will scan and tell you.

Just when you thought makeup has least room for growth, these products are ushering in to pop the bubble. Are you excited to try them?

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