Dip yourself in the sparkly dust of these fine jewelry collections

Evidently, only the connoisseurs know that jewelry is that one darling of a woman’s wardrobe that serves a purpose higher than only pleasing the outfit, it serves the mood. Without any denying, a fine piece of jewelry, while enhancing your appearance also acts as a wise investment for the years to come. While there are several high-ranking jewelry brands across the globe, only a few are worth the moolah lying in your bank and the likings lined in your heart. If you crave luxury and would like to lay hands on some of the most premium jewelry pieces, check out our hand-picked list from the best-known jewelry brands:

Bvlgari’s Cinemagia Collection | Inspired by the artistic world of Cinema is Bvlgari’s new Cinemagia Collection – a fresh perspective on the aesthetics of luxury. The entire collection includes several spellbinding pieces one such favourite is the Pirate Treasures Necklace – adorned with fine sapphires and a voluptuous set of gems, the neck piece oozes sensuous grace and boldness, precisely a precious keep in your trove for the years to come. Furthermore, the collection boasts several geometrical elements and exclusive three-dimensional designs that makes it all the more lucrative and teasing to the eyes.

Video credits: Bvlgari

Chopard’s Red Carpet Collection | Synonymous with class, Chopard is a go-to name for jewelry lovers who live sophistication. Known for the use of the finest materials, the marquee’s jewelry line comes dipped in thick layers of 18K gold and an awestruck assortment of several precious stones. Latest from the brand is the premium Red-Carpet Collection that boasts of rings, bracelets, and more – each being a perfect ode to classic luxury!

Photo credits: Chopard

Cartier’s Clash de Cartier Fine Jewelry Line | Those particularly enchanted with statement-making choices can invest in Cartier’s new line of premium jewelry christened ‘Clash de Cartier’. Crafted with premium stones and high-grade materials, the ensemble spells brilliance unlike any other. Particularly mesmerizing is the Clash de Cartier Bracelet that comes encrusted with enchanting red corals in a yellow gold exterior.

Photo credits: Cartier

Harry Winston’s Winston Gates Collection | Owing a Harry Winston statement piece is a true mark of luxury. A strong name in business since 1932, the expert’s commitment to quality and premium craftsmanship sets it apart from the rest. In limelight right now is the freshly unveiled Winston Gates Collection that calls for special attention with its wide variety of finely crafted luxury pieces – standouts in the ensemble include a Rose gold diamond bracelet with complimenting earrings – both inspired by delicate roseate motifs. Can’t go any more romantic! 

Photo credits: Harry Winston

Mikimoto’s Jeux de Rubans Collection | Presenting a fluid take on the silhouette of jewelry is the all-new Jeux de Rubans collection by Mikimoto – an absolute testament to the brand’s repute for excellence, each piece in the collection is inspired by Ribbons and will mesmerize you at the very instance you pan your eyes on it. This precious amalgamation of pearls, sapphire, and diamonds is highly recommended for those in search of extravagance for their saree looks!

Photo credits: Mikimoto

Piaget’s High Jewellery Watches Line | Flaunting a well-crafted timepiece could be the simplest and surest way to display your love for luxury, right? Piaget’s High Jewelry Watches collection is presenting you with an opportunity to do just that – made with ultra-thin mechanical variants, the collection decorates each timepiece with precious stones and uber-chic metal embellishments. Mind we say, it’s chicer than chic with the just right amount of lustre. Our favourite is the High Jewellery cuff watch that displays a fine 18k rose gold band with 24 brilliant-cut diamonds and a natural white opal dial.

Photo credits: Piaget

Is it even called splurging when it comes to buying such lovely pieces of jewelry? We call it ‘loving’!

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