No hoarding allowed; it is all about making the best use of clothes

How many times have you rummaged through your wardrobe, not finding anything to wear? To be honest, we have all been there and that is where the crux of the problem lies! It is not as if, we had nothing to wear, it is just we have been conditioned to give in to advertisers’ beliefs and wants. No one tells us to 'buy less' or 'reuse', instead, it is always about finding happiness in 'more'. Quantity equals quality, and that is what the 'Second-hand September' movement tries to challenge. Reuse, repeat, and restrain have been the mantra of this movement and it is about time we all adopt it to become the responsible consumers of fashion.

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What is Second-hand September?
'Second-hand September' is a movement started by Oxfam – a non-profit organization to save the environment by changing the unhealthy buying patterns in society. Our love for fast fashion is contributing to carbon emissions, so much so that it is reported that "11 million items of clothing end up in a landfill" says the global report. This is alarming! Gone are the days when 'outfit repeats' were known to be a bad thing, it is all about rethinking our buying preferences and refraining from purchasing any new products this month. You can either completely stop buying products, reuse or buy second-hand products that are not only sustainable but also have a vintage value attached to it. A silent perk, right?

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Where can you shop second-hand luxury products?
Charity begins at home and you can start by rethinking and reusing your wardrobe. Next, you can always shop from second-hand stores like Depop, eBay, and Hospice. If you want to go up a notch higher, then websites such as Vestaire Collective and The Real Real are places where you can buy that coveted Chanel bag or an Acne blazer, with a vintage value attached to it. 

Photo credits: Pexels

The movement is not about discouraging your fashion choices or making you feel bad about your hard-earned purchases. But it is about time you recycle and reinvent to not only creative satisfy yourself but also save the environment in the process. Are you in for it?

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