8 Comfortable Winter Shoes That Actually Don't Give Us Foot Pain

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8 Comfortable Winter Shoes That Actually Don't Give Us Foot Pain

I’m just going to come right out and say it: Uncovering an actually comfortable pair of shoes is easier said than done. You've probably tested out a range of silhouettes over the years that have seemed strong in theory, but found that despite “comfy-feeling” qualities like a flat sole,  the shoes have ultimately just ended up creating the same blisters that come with tricky sky-high heels.

My fellow WWW editors share the same sentiment but have also tested out such a wide range of shoes over the years (you know, that fashion editor life) that they’ve actually managed to uncover a few winter shoes that aren’t that painful. Lucky for us, they’re sharing their must-have boots below. Keep scrolling to shop the most comfortable footwear picks of the season—you may just find your new wear-everywhere style.

"I lived in my Docs last winter and they were so comfortable—even for walking around all day here in NYC. I'll definitely be bringing them back this year."

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