4 of Anna Wintour's Favorite Trends Go Really Well With Jeans

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4 of Anna Wintour's Favorite Trends Go Really Well With Jeans

When Anna Wintour sets a trend, you listen. She is one of the defining authorities in fashion, after all. On that note, whenever she sheds light on a key look of the season during an interview, we tend to perk up immediately and share said insights with you, dear readers. Often, we pull tidbits from the Vogue series Go Ask Anna, including this recent debrief on what Wintour says are the eight biggest trends of 2020.

In fact, after re-visiting this piece, along with other Wintour-approved trend stories to inform some fresh outfit ideas, it became evident that many of the pieces she’s into at the moment just so happen to pair flawlessly with the jean styles we all have in our closets. That’s right—it’s actually quite simple to master a Wintour-favorite look with the go-to denim silhouette you wear on the regular.

To showcase further, we rounded up some of the items the trend-forecasting legend has brought up recently, along with street style and shopping inspo to showcase how said trends can pair seamlessly with jeans. Keep scrolling to uncover your new fashion-forward denim look.

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