28 wedding trend mistakes you need to avoid in 2019

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28 wedding trend mistakes you need to avoid in 2019

“We know, we know—this one’s hard! Everyone wants a hashtag that represents them. But with that said, some of them can induce serious eye-rolls. So instead of reaching for an incongruous pun, keep it timeless and classic.” -Alison Laesser-Keck and Bryan Keck

“I love clever and useful ‘welcome to our wedding’ gifts that greet guests in their hotel rooms when they arrive. Snacks, water, and sunscreen are all practical and charming. But a coffee mug with the bride and groom’s photo, or anything that’s not allowed to be carried onto an airplane, is just a waste.” -Marcy Blum

“For formal weddings, I think the dress code should always read ‘Black Tie’ or ‘Formal Attire,’ not ‘Black Tie Optional’ or ‘Creative Black Tie.’ Most people will appreciate the clarity, and those who might do their own thing will do so regardless of what you write.” -Jung Lee

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