You Can Now Match Your Favorite Bite Beauty Lipstick to Your Parade Underwear

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You Can Now Match Your Favorite Bite Beauty Lipstick to Your Parade Underwear



Bite Beauty must have made a new year's resolution to really branch out in 2020. Known for being focused on lips — with products like the best-selling Lip Crayon in countless colors and the now-vegan Agave Lip Mask — Bite recently launched its first complexion products, including a primer, pressed powder, and foundation in more than 30 shades. And now it's joining with Parade for an unexpected but entirely awesome underwear collaboration.

Founded by two 22-year-olds and committed to sustainability, Parade and its recycled nylon underwear may not seem like an obvious partner, but Bite's senior vice president and general manager, Laure de Metz, would beg to differ. "Like Parade, we are all about embracing bold color and can’t-stop, won’t-stop wear, no matter your (lip) shape," she said in a statement. "Our partnership with Parade embraces our mission of self-expression and will be brought to life via both brands’ vivid colors and bold identities."

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