A Clean-Beauty Expert Would Toss These Products From Your Vanity

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A Clean-Beauty Expert Would Toss These Products From Your Vanity

I’ll admit that I’m a beauty novice. If you were to ask me if I know anything about what ingredients are needed to create a lipstick and what defines a product as clean, I’d shrug my shoulders. But as I attempt to practice mindfulness in every aspect of my life, from shopping sustainably to supporting women in the workplace, I came to the realization that my beauty routine needed an edit. After all, some studies have linked commonly used beauty products to serious diseases such as cancer. But rather than ditch my beauty routine altogether, or acquiesce to using the same harmful products for lack of understanding, I decided to connect with a beauty expert, Pretty Well Beauty founder Jazmin Alvarez, to learn more about clean options. Ahead, Alvarez shares the fundamental definition of what it means to produce a clean beauty product, how to realistically transition your product lineup, and what beauty products you should completely toss from your vanity. But first, a bit more about Alvarez and her company.


Pretty Well Beauty is an online platform, founded this year, dedicated to making clean beauty accessible to everybody. The brand's curation of products and clean-beauty consultations make it easier for anyone to experience a more holistic approach to beauty and wellness. Alvarez explains, “There’s a lack of education in the clean-beauty space, and I saw that as a chance to create a platform where I could help people understand why clean beauty is important. There’s no standard clear definition of what clean beauty is, so my mission is to define clean beauty and to do that by partnering with brands that adhere to the absolute strictest standards of clean and sustainability practices."

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