Kendall Jenner’s New Hair Color Is the Perfect Shade to Warm Up Your Winter Look

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Kendall Jenner’s New Hair Color Is the Perfect Shade to Warm Up Your Winter Look



I had two theories about the ombré hair color Kendall Jenner debuted late last month: She either had a colorist intentionally give her hair color a gradient dark-brown-to-caramel look, or we were looking at what was simply the natural evolution — or, more accurately, oxidation — of the dark-brown dye she'd put over her short-lived Fashion Week blonde. And based on new videos posted by the model and her colorist, Cassondra Kaeding, I'm starting to think it was the latter because the ombré is already gone and replaced with a more uniform color.

On Monday, Kaeding shared a video of Jenner posing and playing with her hair, writing, "@kendalljenner glammed up on a Sunday, hbu? ????⭐️" and crediting makeup artist Mary Phillips and Kardashian-Jenner family-beloved hairstylist Jen Atkin. The color, however, was her doing, and it's totally gorgeous. Although a teensy bit of the roots has been left dark brown, Jenner's hair is now a rich medium brown. It's less brassy than the caramel color she was sporting on the lower half of her length a couple weeks ago, yet still has that eye-catching and super-flattering warmth.

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