This Makeup Artist’s Genius Trick Uses Powder Foundation to Mirror the Effects of Contouring

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This Makeup Artist’s Genius Trick Uses Powder Foundation to Mirror the Effects of Contouring


When Nick Lujan, a professional makeup artist and pro educator for Make Up For Ever, initially introduced me to the beauty brand's new Matte Velvet Skin Blurring Powder Foundation, I was convinced I had no place for it in my life. After years of having oily skin, I've finally embraced the dewy skin look by trading in my full-coverage, mattifying foundations for a Korean BB cream. Powder foundations, in my mind, would be back-peddling to my days of caking on powder in hopes that my skin wouldn't look like I spritzed it with cooking spray instead of setting spray.

Without flat-out telling me I was wrong to write off powder foundation, Lujan provided me with a seriously impressive tip: You can sweep on powder foundation to help sculpt glass skin by concentrating on the opposite areas as you would a setting powder. Instead of targeting your T-zone, you brush the powder onto the same areas you usually contour.

In other words, the products I've been avoiding can help me look less like an orb of light and more like a human with amazing bone structure. Especially with sweaty summer days upon us, his tip can help you reign in just how dewy your look is. "By applying a softer, sheer layer of matte powder that matches your skin tone in these areas, you are controlling the placement of your glow," Lujan explains.

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