Why working out is key to getting rid of that Sunday morning hangover

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Why working out is key to getting rid of that Sunday morning hangover

Dragging yourself out of the dark, comfy confines of your bed after a big night out may be the last thing you feel like doing, especially when a bucket of greasy fries and your latest Netflix addiction is calling, but it’s actually the best way to kick that hangover to the curb and recover to a semi-normal state.

Even science thinks it’s a good idea. According to The New York Times a study involving mice found that after consuming alcohol and then having some of the mice exercise on a treadmill resulted in those mice having the same number of neurons in their brain as the mice who hadn’t had any alcohol. Whereas the mice who had alcohol but didn’t work out had less neurons than both groups. Exercising actually helped the brain recover.

However, throwing yourself into a brutally hard workout after a big blowout is probably going to hurt more than it will help with the dehydration situation a big morning-after problem.

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