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Purge, label and arrange contents in your pantry to ease your time in the kitchen

Some would agree that most of their meal-prep time goes in looking for the right ingredients in the many shelves and containers that are there in the kitchen. Or that they mistook sugar for salt and put in their food instead. Or worse still, that they don’t feel like cooking at all because of the haphazard arrangement of essentials in the pantry. It’s time to fix all that! Here’s how. 

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Declutter | From noodles to pastas, tastemakers to spices and more, there would be many boxes in the pantry that make it appear like a mini unkempt grocery store. Decluttering is the first step to overhauling your pantry and it’ll only take a few hours. Check for expiration date on all the products and get rid of the unwanted items. Do a quick inventory check and restock the items that you need.

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Assess what you need and label it | This is a crucial step. Labels guide whoever is in the kitchen – even if they are new to the space. This step makes life (in the kitchen) rather easy. Start by putting all food items in transparent containers, then go on to label the containers according to the ingredient in it. This might be time-consuming to do the first time, but will save time and energy every time you are in the kitchen trying to find what you need.

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Arrange in order of priority | More often than not, once the grocery shopping is done, we empty the big brown bags and place everything wherever we find space. This habit clutters the shelves in the pantry and later, you waste time searching for what you need. Place the most used items in front of the kitchen cabinets and place what you don’t need frequently, at the back.

Pro tip | Invest in a simple spice rack – makes accessing spices, figuring which ones are finishing and which need to be bought, super easy.

We’d love to know how you keep your pantry organized.

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