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Snuggle up, get your throw cushions on the couch and enjoy your movie night with these 5 picks

The weekend calls for relaxation and some ‘me time’; sometimes alone and other times with family, friends or someone special. If you aren’t in the mood to go out, and would rather stay at home, we suggest you turn this opportunity into a movie night. Here are five must-watch movies; from the Oscar 2016 winners list to the classical romance and the very latest, heart touching and thrilling Bollywood sagas


The Danish Girl (2015) | Eddie Redmayne never fails to surprise us with his talents. This time the actor poignantly explores themes that are deeply thought provoking. The Danish Girl, a biopic drama and one of Tom Hooper’s very well portrayed, humane story of the famous transgender artist, Lili Elbe, catches our fancy. The struggles felt by the character, Lili, in the early part of the 20th century, her passion for life, her zest to move on and the innate dual personality she was born with pre-operation until being the first of her kind to undergo SRS (sex reassignment surgery) back then, brings to the mind many questions.


The Revenant (2015) | Finally, for his role in The Revenant, Leonardo Dicaprio won an Oscar. Harsh and strikingly beautiful, The Revenant is a movie that speaks of passion, pain, life and the hard truths that we all deal with in more ways than one; even if we aren’t fur traders. One can see Leo’s commitment to bring a hardened fur trader’s character to reality, enduring punishing challenges along the way and intensifying the plot with each scene, dialogue and action. Not for the weak hearted for sure!


The Way We Were (1973) | Let’s now move on to something mushy, romantic, heart wrenching, girl-meets-boy-falls-in-love-but-mutually-and-happily-drifts-apart story. Back in the days, Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Way We Were’ starring Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford stole the scene. A real life story as it is said, it was based on screenplay writer Arthur Laurent’s college experiences when he studied at the esteemed Cornell University, where he met his lady love at a convention for the House Un-American Activities Committee. You’d be hooked to the theme which is also the title of the movie- The Way We Were, another reason why the movie made it to the top 100 greatest love stories of Hollywood cinema.


Kapoor & Sons | Get ready to watch the story of every Indian household- almost! From conflicts to arguments, clashes to reconciliations, if you are homesick or just need a little assurance that families everywhere are indeed a mixed bunch, Kapoor & Sons bares it all. Starring Sidharth Malhotra, Fawad Khan and Alia Bhatt—a movie where the two brothers realize that their parents are on the verge of calling it quits while the financial crunch crushes the dynasty of Kapoors-there’s a lot of drama (and also fun) to watch out for. The so-called dysfunctional family drama as reviewed by movie goers is a must-watch. It is a refreshing way to voice your innermost feelings with a tried and tested formula.


Neerja | Hats off to Sonam Kapoor for doing justice to the role of the brave Indian flight attendant of the ill-fated Pan Am Flight, New Delhi-Karachi-Frankfurt-New York. We couldn’t have asked for a better reality movie than that of the life and end of Neerja Bhanot (1963-1986). Director Ram Madhvani shows us exactly what went through the doomsday scenario on the flight, the plight of the passengers, the terrorist’s demands and the bravery of a single lady, Neerja; a warrior. Mesmerizing and frightening, the movie brings to mind questions on humanity and the definition of a real hero in modern times.

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