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It’s almost New Year’s Eve, and time to get your home sorted | We help you declutter your space with 5 things you can get rid off

Let’s start with your kitchen. Your drawers and cabinets are most likely cluttered with things that have been piled up over time. Get rid of mismatched crockery, shopping bags and those takeaway containers which are taking up unnecessary space.

Tea set – crockery

Another easy place to fill your “get rid” bin is the bathroom. Especially those messy cabinets. Get rid of shampoo bottles, shower gels and make-up and even those hotel complimentary items which you had thought would come handy.

It’s time you get updated on your reading list but first you will need to create some space for it. Clean out your bookshelves which have piles of magazines and books that aren’t of any use. Donate them to a local library or sell them online.

Throw out the essential everyday items you have overused which include linens, towels and blankets. It’s a good time to chuck away those excess items and donate them to your nearest homeless or animal shelter. This way they will finally be of use to someone in need.


Lastly, (and this could be a bit of a challenge) get rid of furniture which has been sitting in your house and has yet to be fixed. Sometimes furniture picks are impulsive and soon we fall out of love with them. Sell it off right away, and you will be able to create more space for the new.

So, kick-start your year by energizing your home and gather in the good vibes. Happy 2018.

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