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4 ways to bring the charm of floor cushions to your home

To add more life to your home, you don’t need to spend on costly furnishings. Just use some floor cushions to add that much needed zing. Perfect as accents just about anywhere in the house, floor pillows can infuse intimacy, comfort, style and even cultural aspects into our homes. We list four ways to effectively use and play around with floor pillows, to add some character to your decor 

Play with textures, colours and patterns | Believe us when we say there are no definite rules that define the placement of floor pillows in a house. As urban homemakers, we all love experimenting with colours and textures that bring in more life and positivity into our spaces. The same can be done with an array of colourful floor pillows for the living space, bedroom, kids room or even the balcony. Try soft fabrics for comfort and intimacy and rich velvets for a luxe feel in the living room. Play with patterns; graphics, printed, bold or minimal, leaves and flowers, wild prints or the good old polka dots.

classic floor cushion seating décor ideas

Try a DIY at home | If budget constraints haunt you, go ahead with DIY floor cushions and customize them as per your design preferences and functional needs. You could get creative and go all bohemian for the summer or maybe classy vintage when autumn and fall sets in later in the year. DIY anything is fun, and with the help of a few Youtube tutorials, creating upscale versions of floor pillows from scratch is quite easy.

Multi-purpose floor cushions are a must have | From extra seating to watching a movie or for intimate times with your beau, and even for the kids to stay put in one place, with a book to read - floor cushions are best used as home add-ons that can transform the mood in a jiffy. For example, a bare balcony can be turned into a cozy enclave with embroidered floor cushions strewn around. You may also consider using extra floor cushions to create an ambience of a lounge in the patio or the garden - the choices are unlimited.

ottoman pouf – creative textures - floor cushions

Choose from a range of floor-cushion types | Depending on your personality, aesthetics, and lifestyle, you can narrow down on the kind of cushions you want to decorate your house with. Wicker poufs for large rooms are ideal, while smaller rooms look best with tufted floor pillows. Chunky knits for the kids’ rooms are a soft add-on, while velvet cushions for the hall and the living space are luxe touches that attract attention.

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