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Astrological home decor is a thing and is one of the best ways to choose the wall colour that suits you and your personality well.

Is it time for a paint makeover for your home? If yes, then before you choose to paint the walls of your home as per the trending wall colours of 2020 or follow the professional advice from your interior designer, let us tell you that you what you are going to read now is one of the best ways to choose the wall colours of your home. Sure, when it comes to best home decor ideas, the wall colour plays a significant role which means you got to pick up the right one be it your bedroom or your living room. And trust us we know how difficult it can be to choose the right colour. Hence, we suggest you should go by your sun sign to pick up the best colour for your home and bring in all the positive energy, peace and joy.

Aries - Pink

For your confident soul, which is dynamic and loves adventure, paint the walls of your home in pink. Aries are known to be vocal about their thoughts and feelings and by painting your surroundings in this shade, you will surely express a strong vibe. Simply go with the shade and make your house go bold and beautiful just how you are.

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Taurus - Black

Known for their firm attitude, and a strong point of view, no colour suits you better than ‘Black’. This zodiac sign loves luxury. Thus, in both cases, Black is the perfect colour for Taureans. You can choose to have a grey or black combination or even gold and black. Chances are high that you will become the trend-setter for others.

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Gemini - Bright Yellow

For your lively and gregarious nature, bright yellow is just for you. Considering your social butterfly status, paint your abode yellow that vibes well with your personality. Gemini usually hates being boring and living in a place which is dull and dark. And to have an elevated look with better contrast, you can choose to have white sheer curtains and other decor elements too in white.

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Cancer - Sky blue

Cancer is the most sensitive soul who loves to get back home to find their ultimate comfort and solace. For such people, sky blue can easily give the nurturing vibe. This subtle not only helps in boosting the creative side of yours but also helps in rejuvenating you for the next day.

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Leo - Red

‘Paint it all red you Leo’. When it comes to style and drama, you can’t beat a Leo. You are that essential spice to everyone’s life, inspiring everyone and making a star-statement wherever you go. Your home must reflect it all and for that red colour holds the capacity to do the right justice. Red is also associated with the royals and who do you think can be more royal than you?

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Virgo - Beige

Virgo believes in being practical and is usually more meticulous and intelligent. The one who can identify 50 shades of white, beige is the colour for you. We know you aren’t against brighter and bolder colours, but leaning towards a subtle tone can do wonders.

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Libra - Green

Being a Libra, you are often described as ‘tough’. But, few know the softer side of yours that appreciates beauty. Green shade can perfectly balance the sweet and sour. Representing harmony, this shade will justify your temperament and will soothe you emotionally.

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Scorpio - Maroon

Similar to how Scorpions are always known to be mysterious characters in many folklores, people belonging to this zodiac sign are also mysterious by nature. You love to hold the secrets by yourself and spilling the beans is just not your type. For a personality with so much intensity, their house should represent the same. Painting it in the maroon shade can thus be the right choice.

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Sagittarius - Orange

How can you hold so much of high-energy? Sagittarians are widely complimented for their energy levels and lively vibes. You are the cheerleader of any discussion and people love listening to you. Painting your living area orange can help to retain the zeal. Shower some of your wisdom and enjoy the social gatherings at home. Orange will keep you happy and gay.

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Capricorn - Grey

You are the most persistent one and there is no denial to this fact. You seem to be the most hard-working of all and believe in patience. Painting your walls grey can be a timeless choice which would rightly reflect your state of mind. This neutral hue will keep you calm and focused on work.

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Aquarius - Indigo

Fearless and unusual, eclectic and friendly, that’s how we define the Aquarians. The independent zodiac amongst all, Aquarians love to go with the flow and don’t shy away from choosing unusual things in life. Indigo is as original as you and will go perfect on the walls of your home while bringing in uniqueness to your abode.

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Pisces - Ocean Blue

As a classic water sign, you feel home when you get surrounded by this colour. Reminding of the ocean, this shade of blue helps to dwell in more easily. You like the playful vibe and love your area to be breezy and spacious. Going with this shade can help you achieve a free state of mind where you can practice your work more efficiently.

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We would love to see the pictures of your home painted with the perfect wall colours.

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