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Tips To Build A Home Garden

Dreaming of a lush paradise? Short of buying an island, finding respite from concrete chaos is an ever burgeoning nightmare of tight schedules and daunting airport security.

The solution? Why, a home garden of course! Here are our top tips for your sanctuary of calm, nestled in the convenience of your home:

Time to brainstorm - what sort of a garden would you like to create? Will it house a vegetable patch or are you one for a riot of flowers bordering a lush lawn? A mix of both? Do your research and start small, let your garden grow as your knowledge expands.

Follow the sun - chart the areas of your home that receive plenty of sunlight. Taking photographs through the day will help you understand the dynamics of light in your space. Remember most plants need six hours of regular sunlight to thrive.

Preparing the space - would you like raised beds or do you wish to plant trees and shrubs that require some digging? ‘Gardening in Urban India’ is a great book to build home gardens in any space, decoding secrets of gardening in a city.

Seeds, shrubs, landscaping - are you a lover of crotons or roses? Can’t decide? Visit your local horticultural center and befriend an expert for some practical advice.

Bringing the outdoors inside - plants can add a splash of soothing green that works well with any decor. In increasingly toxic environments, indoor plants can help you breathe just a little bit better: areca and bamboo palms filter benzene and xylene while the snake plant flushes out formaldehyde.

There are many options to bring some green indoors. From terrariums in ornate glass structures to bonsai, the possibilities are endless.

We also love the continuing trend of vertical gardens, ideal for small spaces.

Cacti and succulents are a nice gateway to gardening, requiring very little attention for robust returns.

Throw that fabulous garden party or welcome guests into your home to show-off your green thumb. Happy gardening!

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