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Show some love to your kitchen space with 2019’s most splendid trends

Last year gave us plenty of fancy kitchen trends - Scandinavian interiors to two-tone coloured cabinetry – that’ll nearly continue to inspire our design ideas for the time to come. But to add some tinge of freshness and a great deal of à la mode picks, this time we take you on a tour of the coming year’s unsettling trends, that will have you convinced for a delightful space as much as you like your food! Get to our list of heavily relished options of 2019’s expected trends to help you plan your dream kitchen, or a refashion may be?

Photo credits: Pinterest (L), Elle Decor (R)

The Blue Kitchen - For a happy cooking vibe
If a blue kitchen sounds atypical to you? Think of the innumerable ways this lovely colour can fit into your kitchen’s aesthetics. Moving away from its natural quality of being a stress relieving colour, shades of blue also trigger luxury, serenity and space in your kitchen. Pitch for darker shades for a cosy and warm ambience or put your hands on lighter hues like aqua blue for a countryside or minimalist vibe.

Welcome classics in Black and White
Be playful with this trending classic! Go kitschy with checkered tiles or statement subway tiles; or go chic and relaxed with marble countertops - you might consider Carrara and black matte cabinets. Black adds the right grasp of drama to your place, know rightfully about that hint of a pop of colour -bright flowers, vibrant art frames and even cheerful family photographs!

Photo credits: Elle Decor

Light it up with pendant lights
What do you think brings the ultimate luxury in kitchen, in your opinion? We say, lighting! “…Anchoring the dining area will be particularly important and sculptural jewelry, like pendants in hard finishes with a mid-century Italian influence, will be popular in luxury developments." says Katharine Pooley.

Photo credits: Russ Deacon

‘No-cabinet’ cabinet look
If you’re a follower of chiselled and immaculate interiors then this is your year -go as seamless with your cabinets as you’d like to. “Hidden cabinets are more important than ever for hiding older cookware that you don't want on display, ambient food and other bits and bobs that find their way into the kitchen,” says Trainor from Lochanna Kitchens. From the pool of plenty, choose your style!

Sustainable touch
Sustainable is not just the choice anymore, it’s more of a need! Set about and bring all the elements in your space, wood, stone, shiplap, and jute; 2019’s kitchen is sure about raw materials to shine on their own.

Photo credits: Elle Decor

‘Greens’ from the lap of luxury
Kitchen devoid of colour brings boredom for some, the lifeless vibe in a space which is meant to the heart of the home is a daunting one! With a plethora of options like bottle green, olive green and hunter green, this warm and luxe colour has made its way to your kitchen straight off the runway.

Photo credits: The Spruce (L), Jason Leung (R)

Well, think out of the cabinet too
The key tip by the professionals is more and more shelving space! Why restrict to cabinets when you can go radical with statement shelves? It does not only makes your workplace clutter-free but aesthetically appealing. Think of a place to flaunt those tableware masterpieces or deluxe munches; succulents and hanging Ivy may be!

With such an amiable scatter of trends, how are you planning to take it home?

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