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An organic touch brings in so much positivity and glamour, homemakers across the nation are making a switch in more ways than one | Take a look and get inspired

Let’s make a pledge to sustain our natural surroundings, to use renewable essentials for home decor and to bring in more of a holistic touch when doing up our homes. An organic touch brings in so much positivity and glamour, homemakers across the nation are making a switch in more ways than one. Take a look and get inspired, because leaving behind a smaller carbon footprint is the way to the future.


Organic lighting | An organic chandelier to make the room shine bright or to bring a sense of mysticism with dimmers for the night, would be an apt and a very chic way to spread positive vibes. Encompassed within the dry twigs and roots would be a CFL that burns bright but doesn’t blind the eyes, since the canopy of flora shields it all – yet providing the room with an ambience quite deep.

Organic diptyque candles | For a house that smells heavenly overall, use diptyque candles to spread a blissful aroma. From cute colored candles to all-white pristine sets, you can have a range of aromatic large, small and tea candles placed around the house and lit in the evening. Refreshing and beautiful!

Organic personal care | Our hair, skin and body needs the best care on a daily basis. Using commercially made products for beauty and personal care can do more harm than good, since a lot of chemicals are used in the making of such products. From hand soaps to moisturisers, body butters to skin care lotions, hair potions to your overall well-being, organic essentials are a transformative lifestyle choice.


Organic cutlery | Metals and plastic cutlery can be harmful for our body’s health. To make sure you are safe when cooking and serving or consuming your delicacies, organic cutlery is ideal. They are chic and very functional, and are the best to use at any party or event. Made from materials such as bamboo and wood, cane or leaves, organic cutlery is the new-age mantra for good eating and hospitality.

Organic bedsheets | We really don’t know how processed our bedsheets are, and what chemical dyes have been used to make them. But one thing for sure is, your health would be safer and better if you switch to organic sheets to cozy up in. Made from non-toxic fibres and embossed with vegetable dyes, organic bed sheets will give you a night of peaceful sleep, ensuring your health wouldn’t take a beating.

#EARTHDAY | Go organic and be the happiest soul around, living a healthy and a very holistic lifestyle!

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