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Our Tips To Bring The Flamboyant Era Home

Many a trend is reborn from a previous life and today we are revisited by the ghost of the 80s with floral arrangements straight out of Dynasty. The 80s personified excess, from shoulder pads creating the illusion of larger silhouettes, to big hair and pop colours.  

Coy lilly and decorous pansy no more: this is all about the fantastical, channelling a bit of Bowie and landing somewhere between the bizarre and adventurous:

The trend uses flowers previously ignored or overlooked like birds of paradise, protea, palm fronds and anthurium. Much derided earlier for its alien appearance, the anthurium is now front and centre in many arrangements. Or maybe you prefer orchids? Think drama, think big.

Spray painted flowers and coloured dry foliage are an intrinsic part of most arrangements from the decade. Spray paint stalks in gold or silver or turn those wood roses into pastel baubles of pink, green or blue for a decadent arrangement.

The simplest way to embark upon the trend is to choose your vase carefully. We love these art deco pieces that add a bit of flair. Make sure the vase adds something extra to your arrangement; think interesting shapes, colour blocked or even a gold rimmed platter.

Really love the trend? Want to take it outside your home? The cascading bouquet, preferred by brides of the decade and set in motion by Princess Diana at her wedding, is also back. You can go autumnal or wild with your colour choices, just make sure to mix, match and have fun with the arrangement. 

Let these floral arrangements become the centrepiece of your next dinner party; the 80s were nothing if not for showing off!

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