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All you need to do for a fantastic French-themed house-party

The perfect hostess needs the perfect hosting ideas and here is one. Party like a French lady would in her classically French apartment with her closest friends and family – because there’s something about this elegantly-gifted part of the world that makes us want to take inspiration every now and then, be it fashion, décor, food or feasting. Here is decoding the complete je ne sais quoi of the French way of throwing a house party.

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Some richly crumpled linen | It’s a distinctively French thing to use lots of good quality linen; it’s an even more French thing to leave those linens slightly crumpled – because, well, the French are all for elegance that does not follow any strict, formal order. So give a deep thought to the colour palette and fabric of your tablecloth, runners and napkins but don’t iron them to perfection.

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Lots of aromatic candles | Nothing creates an atmosphere like scents and candles; especially so if a French one is on the cards. Buy candles with aromas of vanilla, patchouli, lavender or even oranges and cloves if you can find some. Go classical with intricate candelabra or floating tea lights for some novelty.

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A big orange bowl on the table | The French, among other things, love oranges. Placing a bunch of these in an ornate bowl on your dinner table will not only make for an eye candy but will also give your guests something healthy to munch on during that after-dinner chat.

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Champagne, food and delicately baked French cookies | And now we come to the heart of the party. Call us hobbits, but nothing in the world is merrier than a hearty meal with divine wine (or champagne). Popping a Moet when you’re hosting like a French Madame is a requisite.

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As for food, take cues from this list of French classics: onion soup, cheese fondue with a variety of breads, ratatouille (your pro-vegetarianism guests will love you for it), oysters and baked chicken served with mashed potatoes. And can there ever be a French feast without macarons?

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Let your guests contribute to the celebration | Take the French theme to a whole new level of authenticity by letting all your guests make their little contributions. A bottle of wine, a bunch of flowers, a home-cooked dish, or oranges for your table – assign everybody a little something to get to the party.

Do these little things, keep it simple, and you’ll have an unforgettable house party. But whatever else you do, don’t forget to wear a beret and red lipstick (wink).

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