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Bid goodbye to your air conditioner with these five cooling hacks

Summer in India can be extremely hot and humid. Box fans and air conditioners are a huge relief but dealing with humongous electricity bills at the end of the month? Not quite. Instead, we suggest cooling your home in ways that not only reduce carbon footprint but are also super easy to adopt.

Table Fan with a cup in front

Get some ice

This is an old trick but one that still works. Fill a bowl with ice cubes and place a rotating table fan right in front of it . The air dispersed from the fan will graze the cubes of ice and spread cool air in the room. It may look a little too simple but the result is as good as air conditioning in a room.


Invest in CFL bulbs

The world is switching to CFLs not only because of lower energy bills but also because CFLs emanate less heat. Old-school filament bulbs bring an industrial charm to your home but they aren’t energy efficient. Moreover, the flint in those bulbs burn too bright and generate more heat in the process, which makes the room feel hotter. Instead, invest in CFLs.

summer on a chalkboard

Freeze your bed linens

For peaceful and comfortable sleep on a hot summer night, pack your bed sheets in plastic bags and chill them in the refrigerator. Remove from the freezer and spread on the bed an hour before you plan to go to sleep. By the time you slip in, the sheets will be just the right temperature of cool. Who needs the AC now?

Young Lady in Yoga Position

Sit closer to the floor

Science has taught us that hot air rises and cool air descends. So, it helps to place beds or mattresses closer to the ground. If you live in a bungalow or a duplex house, sleeping on the ground floor makes sense.

table fans

Unplug and cool down

When appliances in the house aren’t in use, unplug them. Though turned off, if the appliances are still plugged in, they generate heat and make the house hot even without you noticing it.

Do you have any more such hacks? Do share in comments below.

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