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Stop procrastinating and get to work now. 6 easy ways to de-clutter your desk


Experts believe that a well-organized desk can help set the tone and productivity level at work. We couldn’t agree more. A messy workstation will only allow negativity and stress to flow into the space. Decluttering would enhance competency and control of the environment. Follow these six easy steps to make your desk a more efficient work space |


Place two trays on your desk to organize all the paperwork | Mark them as ‘NEW’ and ‘WIP’ (work in progress). All the completed files and documents should be stashed away in neatly marked folders. Needless to say, the papers that you don’t need should be put in the shredder.

Divide your desk into two zones ‘COMPUTER’ and ‘NON-COMPUTER’ | The computer zone will house your desktop/laptop, chargers and cables. It is important to keep this area dust-free. The non-computer zone should be bereft of wires and cords. Here, you can sign documents, go through paperwork, browse pending work and so on.

Have a trash can within reach | It will get you rid of the habit of setting your trash down. Getting a bigger bin will also help. It will save you from the hassle of overflowing waste. Remember to empty it every day.

Re-evaluate your belongings on the desk | Follow the Marie ‘Konmari’ Kondo’s method of organizing – if you haven’t used an item for more than three months, chances are you never will, so toss it out. Keep no more than three personal items on the desk.

Straighten out your drawers | Put items used together in the same drawer space; stamps with envelopes, sticky pads with notepads, wires with chargers etc. Keep the tools that you use the most in the uppermost drawer. This includes pens, pencils, stapler, binder clips, diaries and index cards. Your personal belongings should be placed in a lower drawer and locked away.

Invest in desk organizers | Buy accessories for your desk that are handy, easy to use and declutter your space. Keep trays, pen stands, bookends, memo holders etc. You can customize them according to your preference or even personalise them with initials.

FYI | Desk organization is not a one-time solution. Remember to repeat this process on a weekly basis. Why not start this Friday? See the change when you return on Monday to a neat, uncluttered workstation. Let us know how you feel.

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