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Simply because pretty bottles, apparatus and garnishes on a fabulous tray just look darn good! Get started and get it right

Do you have a bar? Or is your booze just locked up in some cupboard with glasses elsewhere and the opener in some drawer, the ice bucket in some cabinet below some sink? Well, that won’t do.

There’s nothing like being able to fix up some nice drinks at your own attractive bar at the drop of a hat. Bar essentials make you feel happy not only because of the resultant alcohol in your bloodstream, but simply because nice bottles, glasses, apparatus, garnishes on a fabulous tray just look darn good!


Most of us do not have room for a full-fledged built-up bar in our homes, so here is the stylish alternative. First off, find a spot in your living room, room, wherever, that you can use for the ‘delightful drinks with friends/family/lovers’ moments. Just make sure your bottles are not in direct sunlight, ever.

Next, get yourself a trolley you love or find a simple wood or metal design and get it made. If trolleys are not your thing, go for a large tray on a spare table. We love trays (wooden or metallic ones) and a butler’s tray works brilliantly.


"Always have a decent cognac and single malt for those who like things simple and straight up."

Now let’s get down to the essentials | The basic alcohol every bar needs 

Cointreau | You can really be creative with this, but if nothing else, it works brilliantly for the simplest of cocktails including Margaritas, a good Mimosa, a Cosmopolitan, or a White Lady.


White rum | Again, mix and match with anything, but some of the standards are Mojitos, Daiquiris, and rum punch.

Gin | What would life be without a Gin and Tonic! And the true Martini uses gin. Then there is Tom Collins and White Lady again, also simple and refreshing.

Vodka | I don’t think we have to explain anything here, but if your mind is working slow—orange juice, tomato juice, tonic, Sprite, cranberry, Red Bull…you get the gist.

Scotch | Any decent bar has to have this. Classic simple cocktails like Whiskey Sour or a Manhattan are easy enough, but soda and water will do as well.

Vermouth | Sweet and dry, you’ll need the dry for a good martini, and the sweet for a Manhattan. However, the sweet can be substituted by a sherry or a port if you have that lying around. It’s also a great digestif with ice and lime. There are entire bars dedicated to vermouth cocktails, so when you are ready to experiment, at least you have them. Keep it in the fridge.

Tequila (100% agave based) | This stuff can actually be good for you, if you can drink it in a civilized fashion. Again, endless uses, for Margherita, Juan Collins, Horny Bull, Espresso Martini.

Kahlua or Baileys | These are just so delicious; use them for ice-cream, if nothing else. But on a serious note, White Russians and B52’s.

Dark Rum | A good rum and coke always hits the spot. Try it with lots of lime and lime wedges, maybe a few sprigs of mint. Mix a dash of water with the coke so you can have a couple without getting coked out. Great for punches and cocktails too.

Wine | Two bottles of each, red and white should always be stored well in the coolest part of your home.

Always have a decent cognac and single malt for those who like things simple and straight up.

Here is a list of the apparatus, garnishes, and glassware you will need for a bar worthy of being called a bar!

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