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7 types of vases that’ll add zing to every corner of your home

When we talk of beautifying the house and its interiors, we then think of adding home accents around the house for the same- vases for example. From the living room to the dining hall, the bedroom to the entrance, even in our washrooms at home to the kitchen maybe and just about anywhere- the front porch too- vases add that zing and luxe touch in every corner of the house, becoming a focal point in the room. Here are seven amazing and very quirky styled vases that can make the house look chic and trendy. Check them out!


Delicately coloured glass vases | Sensual in its hue and one that brings in the somber mood too, delicate glass vases are apt for the bedroom where you come to rest and snooze away, after a long day at work. Available in cool tones and warm, you get to choose the style, cut, design or customise them as per your needs to match the wall paint and the colour play across the bedroom.

Regal luxe vases | An ethnic touch to the mise-en-scene in the living and dining space is most welcoming, especially with a regal peacock hand painted vase for company. Such a vase can be placed in the corner of two sofas or maybe as a focal point in the dining room, by the dining table- the concept brings about a regal touch for sure, but with a sense of class too.

Harlequin Vases | Harlequin Vases are best used for the dining zones on the table, where the dining mood sets a different tone each night. Available in various shades and made from pure crystal-glass, the Harlequin Vase in violet gels and blends into any warm or cool toned wall paint shade, like water to water.

Rustic dyed wooden appeal | Bring in the season of blooms and blossoms, spread out and around the house in vases made from untreated wood. Ombre shaded and dyed, the little beauties can house short stemmed flowers and are available in various hues and dyes to flaunt.

Wooden stumps for the coffee table | Nature lovers would want to have a touch of all things rustic around their homes, and when it comes to vases, instead of using the plain old ceramic or stone or glass material, homemakers would want nature in their homes in the true sense. Wooden stumps can double up as coffee table delightful accents.


Geometric vases | For the edgy personalities out there, we would look at dolling up the ambience around the living zone to set the evening romantic mood in with tea lights and flowers, placed in geometric vases. Made from concrete and very sturdy, these vases are a no –fuss when it comes to maintenance and are chic as décor items.

A touch of origami | If you have pets and kids around the house that leave the ambience resembling a war zone, you would be dreading to place expensive metal, concrete or glass vases around. Let that thought take a backseat for now, and think a little colorful and different this time- origami vases anyone?

Which of these chic vases caught your fancy? Do let us know!

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