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Press those linens, style the table with silverware or glass and spread the buffet for a delightful brunch

Sundays, the weekends or maybe at festivals; a time when relatives come calling and you have got to be ready. Setting up a brunch table isn’t a chore, rather it is a fun activity involving family members and the right elements in place. Think of brunch table settings so chic and glamorous, you would never want to think of holding the family affair elsewhere. Presenting to you five ways to make the brunch table setting unique and precious, with a sense of quirk |


Press linens for a luxe touch

Many would prefer leaving the linens unpressed for a natural touch, but to create a luxe impression, we would suggest getting them pressed. Clutter and shabby looks are distracting, and the impression that comes forth looks nonchalant and dampens the show. Keep the colour scheme to warmer tones for a spring-summer effect; play with patterns and prints for a mix and match style with linens and table mats.


Food at varied height

Guests need to see what is on the menu, rather than scourge around for a bite at the Sunday brunch. This is why arranging food items in shallow bowls to basic platters, tiered plate holders to make-shift holders would be the best thing to do. Drinks should be positioned in easy-to-grip tumblers that can be stacked at the buffet table’s end.


Decide on the ambience

What use is the good food and amazing company, if the ambience is not right? Decide if you want a vintage touch, a garden affair, the backyard saga or maybe a twist of old-meets-new to spruce up the surroundings. Comfortable seating arrangements, décor and style should be made accordingly. Gone are the days when brunches were held indoors or outdoors only; use the patio or the garden shed area to hold one!


Make it a colourful affair

Brunches are a fun time to spend with the family, and inviting your attendees who bring in pot-luck delicacies should be a colourful affair. To add more pops of colour, you could opt for rustic lighting, colourful seating arrangements, and rainbow coloured salads, fruit juices, and drinks. Spruce up the table with cool toned mats and linen too. Decorate the place with colourful streamers and balloons, to bring in more fun to the family gathering.


Set the theme

Last but not the least, set the theme and mood for the family brunch. Nothing gets a party mood going faster than a fun theme that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

We hope you loved our ideas on setting up the family brunch table in a colourful and fun way

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