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Your home will smell amazing with these 5 unique scents

Unpleasant odours in the home through humidity, kitchen waste or our furry companions is unfortunate but bears an easy solution: home fragrances. Here are five amazing scents that will infuse your space with a welcoming whiff.

DIY woody scent 

You will need three tablespoons of vodka and ten drops each of cedarwood, rosemary, orange, cinnamon and clove essential oil. Pour all the ingredients in a spray bottle and give it a good shake. Spray in every corner of the house for a woody, rustic and rich fragrance that is reminiscent of fall.


Myesquire Home Lemongrass Liquid Air Freshener

This product comes as a package – complete with lemongrass aroma oil, tea lights, aroma candles and a burner pot. This one is sure to spread fresh, captivating notes of lemongrass in any room within minutes. Perfect to use right before guests arrive.


IRIS Reed Diffuser Apple Cinnamon Home Fragrance

Cinnamon and apple oil, an oil bottle, a fragrance diffuser and eight reed sticks form this kit from IRIS. The fruity notes help keep the home smelling pleasantly sweet all day long. Good for summer.


Indonesian Teak Pillar Candle

The Indonesian teak pillar candle is a combination of smells of “autumn leaves and citrus” that lends a woody yet fresh fragrance to the home. The candle lasts for more than a couple of hours and will be a great addition to your bedroom.

Durance Home Perfume Spray Silver Honeysuckle

Here’s a formula by Durance that bathes the air at home with sweet, musky smell in just a few seconds. You can even spray this scent on cushions, curtains and bed linen for a soft, lingering fragrance.

What are some of your favourite fragrances for the home?

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