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Fantabulous ideas to revamp your bar

After we’ve had our years of raucous nights out in clubs of the city, we all settle into the intimate rhythm of partying-in with close friends at home. And the focal point of any house party is the bar. Leave partying out, even if you enjoy having a drink or two every evening by yourself or with a partner, a beautiful home bar can significantly enhance the experience. And here go a few latest bar décor trends to help you achieve that.

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Vast and overstocked whisky wall | A wooden bar wall done up in the rustic style with accents of copper and intricate carvings can enliven your space. Add some under-shelf lights to show off your glorious collection.

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Bring colours to your bar | When we hear bar, we conjure an image of wooden tables, copper beakers and a dark ambience – but it doesn’t have to be only that way anymore. If you enjoy unconventional things, go for cobalt blue and hunter green in your bar décor. These colours are among the most awaited interior trends of 2019.

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Wonders of the ceiling | Go contemporary with your choice of ceiling for the bar corner, like open glass and terra-cotta vaulted ceilings. They add softness and character to the space.

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Bring the outdoors in | Make your bar come alive with small indoor plants or bonsai. Invest in a nice collection of pots that go well with the aesthetics of the bar and you’ll have a most ‘grammable bar right there.

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Let mirrors do the talking | Mirrors or glossed mirrors (if ultra-fine is your thing) add polish and make a space look bigger. Combined with lights in the right spots, they’d make for a very chic clubbing vibe. Therefore, if a youthful bar is what you are looking to create, go for a mirror-centric décor.

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Bringing together books and wine | If you are a reader, you may want to consider bringing together the book shelf and bar cabinet. An antique bookcase will work exceptionally well here – all you need to figure out is your preferred placement of books and spirits in it.

Photo credits: Pinterest (L), House Beautiful (R)

Use a wallpaper to accentuate the corner | This one’s an extremely simple yet effective way to give your bar a makeover. Choose a wallpaper with an interesting motif that goes with the ambience of your bar and living space on the whole.

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The cabinetry bars | Don’t have a bar already? And don’t have plans either? In that case we suggest a quick fix to enjoy the luxury of a home bar without really having one. You can have custom-built kitchen or living room cabinets to accommodate your barware.

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No-shame maximalism | An elaborate chandelier, acrylic furnishings and gilt details will make the prohibition-era of maximalism take a beautiful turn. If subtle and minimalism has never been your thing, it’s now legitimate to flaunt the maximalist in you.

Photo credits: Elle (L), House Beautiful (R)

Sweet escape | A quirky low cocktail cabinet puts in an eclectic touch and you can even take the bar to your bedroom that way. Also, try the mini trolley bars for their convenience and practicability.

So here’s raising a toast to home bars and all the divinity they store in them!

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