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Five things you should keep in mind before introducing rugs into your space

One of the most versatile home decor items, rugs add warmth and comfort to a room. Whether used to cover the entire floor, a part of it, or as a wall-hanging – they lend the space a royal touch. Shopping for the right rug that can blend in with your home decor can be a bit tricky. Here are five things to consider when purchasing a new rug


If you live in a small apartment, create an illusion of space with rugs in light hues. Dark rugs are best suited for big, open houses. Large rugs in neutral shades add elegance and understated luxury to palatial homes.


Rugs can be used in various areas of a home to define a particular space. They are functional as well as decorative. There is, of course, the regular use of a rug to cover the floor but it can also be used as a decor accent around the house. You can display a rug by using it as a wall hanging or as upholstery for an ottoman chair. They make a strong impact as decor elements. Fabric headboards are now making a huge comeback in interiors; soft rugs can be used for this purpose.


Do you want the rug only under the tables and chairs or do you wish to cover the whole floor space with it? Do you want a big, focal wall-hanging or something small for an already decorated wall? Plan and then decide. There are rugs of various sizes available in the market. Depending on their intended use, you can select an apt size.


Kashmiri rugs, known for their craftsmanship, are evergreen and blend in well with a traditional decor. Shaggy rugs are great for kids’ room because they are soft, not too expensive and don’t look dirty too quickly. Woolen rugs are high maintenance so they are not the best for rooms where a lot of activity takes place. Jute or sisal rugs add a rustic look; apt for an overall earthy decor.

IFM Pro Tip | Use a rug pad to keep a rug from slipping and to increase its life. You can find one at any rug store. Buy one that’s appropriate for your floor type and rug size.

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