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We love indoor potted plants that add colour, shape and life to a room

Greenery and plants, who doesn’t love that? We love it so much that, in fact, we’re bringing it inside our homes. And recommend you to try as well. Indoor plants not only add life to the ambience of a house, but also help clean the air. If you’ve been planning to keep some plants at home and have no clue how to pick, pot and care for them, here are five gorgeous ideas with examples, that are easy to follow

Dress up the corners

Placing a tall snake plant is a great decor idea to fill up empty corners. It is low-maintenance, and you don’t necessarily need to have green fingers. However, if you do enjoy taking care of and growing plants, and have a little time in hand, you could get a potted bonsai tree.


Follow Martha Stewart’s idea

Eminent celebrity known specially for her lifestyle and homemaking skills, Martha Stewart shows us how to keep the light flowing into a house with plenty of flora around. Placing a Japanese maple bonsai over a wooden rococo table as a focal point, just below an attractive wall hanging, would bring in vibrancy.


Keep colourful plants in the kitchen

If you aren’t placing blinds over the kitchen windows, you could reuse wooden pallets as shelves and place small potted plants with colourful flowers, on them. When the natural light pours in during the day, the vibrant colours on the petals will add a glamorous effect. The warm tones on the flowers and the cool tones on the leaves will display vibrantly under incandescent lights, by the night!


Touch of nature in the bathroom

An accented wall made from wood or stone could be installed to hang some fresh plants in planters. You can either place them in neat vertical rows at different heights, or integrate them into the wall structure. Ferns and morning glories that need less maintenance would be ideal for this set-up.


Add a luxe touch with water roots

By the coffee table, the study table or in the middle of a grand dining area, you could place large glass bowls with water roots in them. The base of the plant’s leaves needs to be snipped once every while to keep the leaves from outgrowing. Water roots in glass bowls add a vibe of simplicity and relaxation to the ambience.

Do write in and tell us how you would style your home with plants. We are listening!

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