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Exterior design matters as much as a well-decorated interior of a house. Agree?

What do you think makes the first impression when your guests visit your home? No, it’s not your drawing room but the front door of your house. Yes, something we tend to give less significance to while designing our homes. The entrance of your house talks about the kind of welcome you would like to extend to your guests, and who would not like to make a statement with that? We are sure you don’t want to be the "the girl next door" *wink*. So, all this time if you were looking for some fresh ideas for a distinctive exterior design, we got you covered with these unique and modern front door designs from vintage wooden to contemporarily artistic to sophisticated glass ones.

We bet your neighbours won’t shy away from taking notes.                                                                                                                                                                     

Vintage wooden door

A vintage vibe is full of warmth and mostly in fashion, how about setting up a beautifully done vintage door?

Photo credit: Pinterest

Modern front door

To make your front door stand out, start with a modern take and let the neoteric entrance of your home be a talk-worthy spot.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Statement worthy artistic door

Let them feel they are walking into an art gallery, after all, who wouldn’t want to be called an artist.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Oversized glass door

The freshest on the list is the double glass door which allows more light and arresting views into your house. Lovely, isn’t it?

Photo credit: Home designing

Pastel front door

Are you a minimalist looking for a chic door that infuses nothing but elegance? Consider a front door with a soft pastel hue.

Photo credit: Pexel

Indian Traditional front door

Well, blending decor and tradition ‘aesthetically’ can be really pleasing especially when it’s about a welcome at the entrance of your home.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Sliding front door

Modern, chic and elegant is how we would describe a front door that is sleek, made of white panel and glass.

Photo credit: Pinterest

London inspired red front door

What if you don’t live in London, you can still live like a Londoner. This vibrant red coloured front door is British, classy and approved by us.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Multi Coloured front door

Though we wouldn’t like to bind this by your age but if you are one of those with young effervescent personality and like experimenting, this should definitely be your choice.

Photo credit: Pinterest

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