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Bored of stark walls | Experiment with texture, paint and more for a new look

Plain and simple walls add little character to your home. Add visual interest to them with some texture, patterns and colour, which are all great ways to infuse personality to your space. What’s more? They help hide imperfections on the wall surface.


Choosing the right wall for the project is key. If you have a rectangular living room, consider treating one or both of the short end walls rather than any of the long ones. The wall behind the headboard in your bedroom and the one around the fireplace are both good options to rework to create a cozy effect. Here are a few ways to transform your wall surfaces |


Metallic paint or glaze

Offering a sleek, luminous finish, metallic glazes will introduce timeless luxury to the walls of your home.

Textured wallpaper

This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to add texture to your walls. The benefit of using wallpaper is that you can scrape it off and change it any time you please.


Three-dimensional panels

A piece of material, usually flat and cut into a rectangular shape that serves as an exposed covering for a wall; 3D panels are functional as well as decorative, providing insulation and soundproofing.



Instead of traditional wallpaper, an exquisite fabric could be an ingenious addition to your walls.


Wall decals

Decorative wall decals are a fun way to add instant colour and style to a room while also maintaining durability and utility.

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