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Find inspiration for your patio in these beautiful white furniture settings

Planning an al fresco lunch or a summer night gathering? Give your outdoors a fresh update with white furniture. Outdoor furniture, just like the interiors, requires meticulous planning on textures and colours. Monochrome is the hot new trend in home furnishings these days and a white outdoor theme is the best way to introduce it into your home. The colour looks great in most courtyards/gardens/patios, and complements neutrals as well as bright colours.


Since white is the predominant colour here, it’s important to play with complementing shapes, colours and textures to avoid a washed-out look | You can introduce different textures by using wicker, polyester and metal accents. You can create a high-contrast colour impact by throwing in bright cushions on pure-white sofas and chairs. Adding plants to the surroundings would also serve as a bright and fresh contrast to the setting. Lastly, a little upkeep will go a long way in maintaining white furniture pieces so take good care of them. Below, inspiration to get you going.

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