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Top few trends in swimming pools for homes | Choose yours

A swimming pool at home is precious. It encourages you to take those healthy laps more often and also to socialize more often with an excuse to show off your brilliantly done pool. If you are considering getting a new one or refurbishing an old pool, get acquainted with these latest trends in pool design for some inspiration.

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Dark pools | Get away from the routine bright, sunny pool and go for something alluringly dark. Dark swimming pools are absolute charmers – particularly if you enjoy hanging out by the pool in the evenings.

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Saltwater pool | If you love swimming but could never enjoy it as often as you’d like because of all the chlorine-induced rashes it left on your skin, the saltwater pool technology is made for you. It’s as effective as chlorine at disinfecting your pool and lets you enjoy your swims without that typical smell and skin irritability.

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Swimming pool with Jacuzzi | Get a spa vacation feel on every weekend with a Jacuzzi swimming pool at home. Better still, share the experience with your friends and family on a bright summer day – and your home will become everybody’s favourite Sunday brunch spot.

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Landscaping, bar and plush seating | Plan a garden around your pool, install a small bar counter stocked with all your favourite holiday drinks, put up a seating area that makes you want to lounge lazily all day long – and that’s how you convert a section of your house into a mini-resort. It makes for amazing poolside parties and exceptionally rejuvenating swims whenever you need them.

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Wooden decks | There is something indeed about wooden elements that makes one feel good – so it’s only natural to add them to the most relaxing spot of the house. Tropical hardwoods like ipe, tigerwood, garapa and cumaru make for the best swimming pool decks – they look rich and last a seriously long time.

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Raw brick wall or tiles | If you are going for an indoor pool lined on one side by a wall, take advantage of that wall to make your pool stand out. Adorn it with raw and rustic tiles to create a contrast of ruggedness amidst all the refinement you exude.

Pool automation | Thanks to cutting edge pool automation technology, owning a swimming pool no longer has to be a hassle. You can have all the luxury and none of the work that a pool ownership previously entailed. You can control water temperature, LED lights, turn on and off the filters, cover and uncover the pool and schedule cleaning, all from your smartphone, from any corner of the world.

In 2019, take advantage of all these trends and equip your home with a mind blowing swimming pool that amalgamates old world luxury, nature and revolutionary technology to give you the absolute best.

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