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Easy Steps To Build Your Own Gym

Gymming blues should be a verifiable mood, just like the dread that settles with a looming Monday morning. Hitting the gym is not a favourite activity for many of us, many a new year resolution is passed with the only running accomplished being a resolute dash away from self-appointed deadlines!

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So we figured building a home gym is half the battle won. No more dragging yourself through the rain and traffic: workout when you can, a ten minute break between chores or powerpoints is all you need for a couple of sit ups or a surya namaskar.

Here are our tips for a hassle free workout space that will fit into that disused nook or underutilised room:

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  • The most important aspect to consider is the ambiance of the space. Make it welcoming, a space that you look forward to using. If all you need is a yoga mat, populate the space with funny or inspirational quotes and artwork. Or put together the perfect playlist that will get your heart pumping.

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  • Invest in modest equipment that can be stowed away. A skipping rope or some weights can be hidden in a decorative basket along with your yoga mat. There are many videos that can help you complete a rigorous workout with just these bare essentials.

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  • An equipment upgrade is this pull-up bar that fits above your door. Ideal for a short but intense workout, make sure you warm up before you start!

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  • You can also fashion exercise equipment from household objects. Did you know that you can tone your body with just a towel? We’re not joking, follow the link

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  • Smartphones can not only blast badass tunes but also revolutionise your workout. There are many apps that will guide you through an exercise session sans equipment. Nike Training Club, for example, is a great app with 30 minute workouts, and increased levels of difficulty.  

All you truly need is an airy space that lets you breathe, work up that sweat and feel the endorphins rush. What are you waiting for? Let’s get moving!

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