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Tips and tricks to easily hide unappealing gadgets in your home

We’ve all been in that situation where guests are about the arrive and the whole house is neat and tidy but there are wires visible around the house, a printer is lying on a random table and unflattering television cables are running amok. It’s time to deal with them. Here are a few hacks that tell you exactly how to hide these ugly elements and keep the house looking impeccable.


Photo credits: Amplifi

Boxes for routers
Routers and set-top boxes are not only unsightly but they also don’t go well with any setting or ambiance. What do you do? Hide them in boxes. Paint shoe boxes in a colour that complements the room where these gadgets are, and hide them inside these boxes. Remember to keep an opening at the back of the box for wires.

Old container for a printer 
An old container can be remodeled into a stylish yet useful printer box. Keep an opening in front, large enough for printed paper to slide out from. You can beautify the box with your creativity – by painting it in a colour that matches the space and upholstery of your study room, maybe?


Photo credits: Beni Shop

Wooden panels for chimney
Electric chimneys in the kitchen are a boon but visually, they are quite the opposite. What you can do about that is have wooden paneling done over the chimney’s hood and hide the bare metal. Wooden panelling will also make the space look vintage and regal – two benefits for the price of one!


Photo credits: The Arts Section

Wall art for wires
Most of the old houses still have wires that run like snakes on the wall, making them an eyesore. If this is true for you, hide the wires behind wall art and wall decals. You could also try hiding them behind indoor plants but wall art would ideally be the best.

There are many more ways to hide ugly elements around the house – you only have to use your creativity. Go ahead, give one of these a try!

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