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Storing wine at home can be tricky. But not now!

For many, collecting wine is like collecting stamps. For all the wine lovers out there, one of the greatest pleasures could be curating a wine collection at home that is personal to your taste. Be it white, rose, sparkling or red, you know exactly where to stop by and get your bottle of wine. But hey, having a good knowledge of wine and buying are only a part of the process. You only become the wine connoisseur, if you know the art of storing them. Poor storage can spoil the taste, quality and even the aroma, and we are sure your guests are not going to appreciate that (neither will you). However, keeping a few things in mind, you can keep your wine safe at home and ready to use whenever you want.

Never expose it to the sunlight

Ever seen wine in a clear bottle? No, right? That’s because wine is always better in a dark and tinted bottle. Its highly recommended for a wine bottle to be stored in a dark place or where there is no reach of sunlight. The science behind this reason is a chemical reaction. When you keep the wine bottle exposed to the sun, the UV rays tend to break down the molecules that help in slow ageing of wine, ultimately leading to bad taste. Also, if you keep the bottle near the window or in contact with heat, the cork may dry out which would oxidize the wine. And you know how bad an oxidised wine could taste? To prevent all these hiccups, find a cosy dark corner where light cannot reach, so that each time you sip your favourite wine at home, you appreciate the creation.

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Keep it horizontally

Now that you have stored it in a dark place, you also need to know the right alignment for keeping the bottle of wine. If you would have noticed the wine cellars, it is always stored horizontally. This is especially applicable for the bottles with corks. Placing it on the sides will keep the cork moist, leading a better self-life. This way you would be able to store it more efficiently consuming less space. Also, when stored horizontally the sediment will get deposited on the sides of the bottle, which will allow clear wine to flow when poured. Make sense!

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The right temperature is crucial

Of all the factors deciding on the quality of the wine, the temperature is equally important. Any wine kept in temperature more than 70°F will age quickly. The ideal temperature to store a wine ranges between 45°F and 65°F. However, you need not fret much if your bottles run a couple degrees warmer. Also, if you are in the queue of becoming a wine connoisseur, you must stop storing your wine bottles in the refrigerator, please! Yes, you heard us right, its high time you should invest in a wine refrigerator or wine cooler. Unlike the ordinary refrigerator where the temperature may flicker, wine coolers provide the exact amount of cooling needed. So if wine is an investment so should be your wine storage. 

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How to store an open bottle

You might have come across the dilemma of what to do with the opened wine bottle. Well, if stored properly, an opened bottle of wine can last up to good three-five days. You just need to learn the art of recorking it properly. You can take the assistance of wax paper to place the cork back. There are various rubber wine stoppers available in the market which can be used to reseal the bottle. You need to create a vacuum inside the bottle so that the leftover wine does not oxidise. Yes, you can reutilise the leftover wine from the last party. Such a good feeling!

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Bought some extra wine bottles? You now know what do you do with them!

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