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Because after all the struggle outside, you need a place that gives you peaceful hugs

After a long day at work, home is where we unwind. Leaving behind all work conflicts, we just want a place to relax, chill and spend quality time with our family in a serene atmosphere that not just lightens our mood but also makes us ready for the next day. While we pay great emphasis on different elements of interior design, we should not forget about doing the right things to ensure tranquil vibes in the atmosphere of our home. It all starts with a few mindful practices which later turns into a good-habit. Here are four best practices you need to take note of.

Let the fresh air come in

Let the natural light and fresh air enter your home to infuse positivity; especially in your living room and bedroom, keep the curtains light and windows open during dusk and dawn. A house looks more inviting and elegant if it is naturally lit with freshness all around. You can also choose to have French windows, which will allow the house to breathe more. Additionally, spruce up your space with some reflective art pieces like a brass vase or wall mirrors. This will help the light to scatter more, resulting in a happier and productive mood. 

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Embrace greenery

Before anybody else, let the green greet you ‘hello’ as soon as you enter the home. Nothing can provide for more calmness than soothing green plants sitting in your living room or at the entrance. If you have a hallway or a long passage before entering the living room, you can create a small little green garden there. Place a few indoor plants in different types and sizes and create your little zen. Green tones not just relax your mind but also add a verdant pop to your home design.

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Say no to clutter

If you have a habit of collecting unnecessary things then you need to stop! To make your place peaceful, eliminate the tchotchkes and keep it minimum. Cluttered home spaces can trigger your mind, leaving you restless. Start cleaning your room as soon as possible and allow only essentials to stay back. For instance, you can replace an open rack full of small things with a comfortable stylish push back armchair or a relaxing sofa for a neat and balanced abode. It will also look more aesthetically pleasing.

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A home that smells heavenly

The ultimate secret for a serene home is to play with the senses. Your abode should not just look great and pleasing to your eyes but also should smell great. You must have already known about various kinds of aromatherapy and how it relaxes the mind. But why not convert your home into an aroma spa. There are various products that you should keep handy. Scented candles, linen spray, room freshener, essential oils or even fresh incense sticks can convert your home into aromatic heaven. Do use them when it’s time to sleep, or when you reach home, or even in the morning. 

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After all, your house should be like meditation, where we chant freedom and peace!

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