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Tips to experience a luxurious soak at home

What could be more decadent than an ultra-luxurious bathing date with yourself? Get your bathtub spick and span, shield the windows, have the chandelier lit in all its glory, fill your bathtub with warm water (remember the 96-degree code) and succumb to a heavenly soak for an experience that will take you back to your million dollar self.

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Wherefore, we give you an extravagant affair of bathing ritual with the sweet taste of luxury, that will cater to your every whim. Let’s see how.

Lady, first get your throne ready, we mean the bathtub | To begin with, get the water at the right temperature for the last on your list should be an ouch-moment, pour in any of the divine body oil you’d like to bathe with, we suggest the warm body oil by Warm Boutique which is an almond oil concoction with an exotic fragrance, and add some magic – sprinkle a few petals of rose and lavender for their infinitely soothing effect and fancy touch.

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Double the pampering with a massage and a steam bath | Add the rejuvenation of a spa to this otherwise beautiful bathing affair by treating yourself with a soft session of massage with essential oils followed by sauna or steam bath, as the highness may please.

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Let your mood drive your luxe bathing | Myriad fancy potions are available to spoil you for choice from relaxing muscle-soothing salts to romantically sensuous soaks, from tingling bath bombs to escapist soaking oils and the list won’t stop naming the luxurious elixirs. So we leave it to your spirit.

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Take an extra step to kiss your skin some exquisite care; spill the goodness of mineral salts in your water, toss out your loofah and upgrade to the special sponges! We recommend Therapie Roques O'Neil by Himalayan Detox Salts and Anthropology’s Small Wool Sponge.

Whilst you soak, make it worthwhile | How about your tub surrounded with a trail of herbal scented candles by Diptyque or LED string-light filled glass vases? This is entirely about your solitary time so make it as special as you want it to be; read a book, sip onto the sparkling Prosecco or a piping hot cup of your favourite detox tea, or even go for a deep beauty sleep.

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Feel nothing short of a duchess in the chamber of pure indulgence | Needless to say, there’s nothing better than having a softly gleaming pendant chandelier kissing your sight while you soak yourself in all that goodness. Make it more indulging with your favourite playlist or if you have a penchant for ambient music there’s nothing better than the rhythmic sound of rain, we bet.

Smear yourself in moisture | As soon as you’re done soaking, simply spoil yourself with deep hydrating body oils and heavy-duty butter based creams to avoid crinkled and dry skin.

Lastly, hug your body in a plush bathrobe | After having such a blissful bath the pampering doesn’t have to stop really, wrap yourself in a gorgeous terry cloth, fur or silk robe, depending on how cosy you want to feel; followed by something super-comfy and breezy (like a midi dress) to let your body enjoy the zen state a little longer.

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After all, a bath time as lush as this is worth the splurge, isn’t it? So, take your notes of bathing and elope to your private nirvana in no time, every-single-time!

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