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We’ve been told what maketh a lady | We break down the “rules” and reinterpret it for the modern woman’s style

Cinema, like a time machine, has taken us to some of the most feminine (if not feminist) centuries of all times – when being a lady meant dressing like one. While the lady of yesteryear claimed her charm with corsets and headdresses; today’s lady prefers to claim her aura sans lace and curtsy.
So how can one dress like a lady today? Well, to make it easy for you we have combined popular lady-like traits and mashed them ever so gently with today’s style.

 Ney York street fashion fall 2017

A lady has great posture. Pencil skirts, high-waisted pants and wedge heels highlight the no-nonsense attitude.

Ney York best street style fashion

A lady never raises her voice | You don’t believe that to be heard one needs to send the vocal chords on high-pitched trek. And your self-control and poise are best reflected in a tailored business suit with high heels, or in skinny trousers with a vintage lace shirt and a life-size handbag.

Fashion week street style –NYFW 2015

A lady never reveals her age | Women like Zohra Sehgal, Helen Mirren, and Julie Andrews don’t grow old; they grow timeless. A true lady respects her age for the wisdom it brings. And her timelessness shines brightest in body-embracing (not hugging) full-length gowns, platform heels and sophisticated diamond jewellery.

Choker street style 2016 – Choker trend

A lady is polite and well-mannered. You are legendary as a gracious host and not just for your choice of appetisers. Your gentle and pleasing demeanour turns you into a flashbulb princess quite like ever-graceful Catherine Middleton. Beautiful hats, pumps and knee length body-fit dresses bring out your graciousness perfectly.

 Zoe Sidel

A lady has a great posture | It’s not in your nature to stoop or stagger; physically or otherwise. Sharp and well-cut silhouettes go best with your elegant, ramrod-straight posture. Pencil skirts, embellished jumpsuits, high-waisted pants and wedge heels do well to highlight such a no-nonsense posture.

Asilio dark tides dress clothes

A lady is always charming | Your charm is gracious for those who appreciate it and a whiplash wit for those who undermine it. While you have the ability to pull off anything, a vintage floral dress complete with gold jewellery and heels will take your charm to another level.

Paris couture week street style

A lady always maintains her modesty | According to etiquette tutor William Hanson; a lady’s skirt should never be above her knees. If it’s unavoidable, it must be accompanied with dark stockings without fail. Well, that still leaves us with plenty of options to choose from, like the classics – denims with crisp white shirt, a below the knee summer dress, and an LBD that’s not very little. You are just the kind of woman who can make modesty modern.

To be like a lady is a labour of love for one’s self. It sharpens one’s identity and celebrates the most polished form of femininity. So put your best lady foot forward today and don’t forget to smile.

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