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Stealing is a shame | Not when girlfriend is your name | Raid your man’s closet and try these out today

Whenever you run out of ideas on what to wear, run to your man’s cupboard! At IFM we have rummaged through the closets of our partners to give you a list of items worth smuggling.

street style 2017 spring graphic tees for men

His jeans | Boyfriend jeans, the baggy and (if you are lucky) super loose garment, makes for an ideal choice to put your style on show. Pair them with carefree converse (keep those laces short and untied), aviators, plain tee or a cutesy girly one and top it off with a rugged looking headband! Doesn’t that spell uber cool and infinitely sexy to you? A chewing gum in the mouth, a song by Artic Monkeys on the lips and you are the queen of rock and stole!

same as 1st
fashion street style 2017 men fashion style

His cardigan | A giant size cardigan on a pint size beauty. Exquisite! The mush factor (having him wrapped around you even when he is not there) should be reason enough but the fact that it looks simply gorgeous is a huge added benefit. Its sleeves will hang from your arms like hypnotic stalagmites of fabric, the masculine collar will add a naughtiness no negligee can and the adorable ogre-ish silhouette – the Mr. Big among all your clothes, will leave you asking for more.

Anna Dello Russo

Spray on your man’s perfume and smell like him all day

His oversized watch | Dainty wrists are made for magic. They are sensual, delicate and oh so feminine. But they are not just meant for bracelets. An oversized watch on your bare arms can make time stop. Apart from being assuredly sexy it also throws light on a woman’s assertiveness, individuality and success. Wear it with a pretty LBD or a formal suit. It will make sure that time belongs to you, always.

glossier pink pouch – woman wearing a man’s suit

His perfume | Stealthily spraying your man’s cologne or perfume (NOT deodorant) can send the mercury meter rising. And it’s a welcome break from our florals, woody etc. fragrances. A whiff of his Davidoff and you can be sure to turn beautiful heads and sharp noses in your direction.

His tie | Solid stripes, warm checks or the ones that were picked at the quirk of the moment. Ties make your man look dandy and will make you look no less than a dame. So what are you waiting for?

man bags fashion

His wallet | We got you on that one. But you have got to admit their wallets are pretty sexy – with or without the money. Borrow one for a day, slip it in the back pocket of your jeans and save yourself several important minutes of rummaging in that house of a bag. Thank us later.

We’ve shared with you the possibilities, now it’s your turn to experiment. If you can think of more things you can steal from your benevolent man, write to us and let us know!

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