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Here is how we’d style these darlings of Spring 2019

Spring 2019 is high on two rather contrasting bottoms trends – athletic cycling shorts and romantic accordion pleat skirts. Which look do you prefer? As for us, we love both – after all, a girl needs a mix of ladylike elegance and carefree youthfulness. Take a look at how we would love to see both these garments styled.

Cycling shorts | Back after so long they almost feel like a novelty


Photo credits: Roberto Cavalli from Elle

Wear your new pair of shorts with a tunic or slouchy sweater | A longish, slightly over-sized sweater or tunic offers just the perfect balance to super tight biking shorts. If you are conscious of your lower body, the below-the-hip length of the top will let you comfortably enjoy the trend.

Photo credits: Roberto Cavalli from Elle (L); Chanel from WWD (R)

Make them work-appropriate with an over-sized blazer | Cycling shorts with blazer is emerging as a strong trend after numerous Spring 2019 runway shows embraced the combination. You can experiment with different blazer styles already in your closet or go for a new one to especially match these athletic shorts – we love the pink one from Chanel.

Photo credits: Roberto Cavalli from Elle

Wear them with a crop top… if you can! | Well, a daring combination indeed. But if you have worked hard on that slender shape of yours, here is one of the several ways to beautifully show it off. Make sure you choose high-waist cycling shorts though if you are skimping out on top. A blazer will make for a graceful addition unless you’re on vacation.

Accordion Pleat Skirts | We are always elated to see them on ramps and streets

Photo credits: Burberry from WWD

Pick a delicate skirt in pastel and wear it with a monochromatic sleek sweater | Burberry has done accordion pleat skirts just the way they are meant to be – dainty and breezy. The sweater couplings go in perfect harmony.

Photo credits: Burberry from WWD

Add a blazer for some power | When you want to add some structure to the whimsical flow of an accordion pleated skirt, you add a blazer and there you get an outfit as perfect for the boardroom as for the after-work bar.

The skirts and chic shorts are most awaited – they are both going to be a delight to play with in different outfit combinations. Even though we recommend embracing both for the sheer amusement of it, which one are you more inclining towards?

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