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A fool-proof detox routine for anyone and everyone

A few steps of detox can keep you looking younger, give you naturally glowing skin and shining hair and help you maintain a healthier body weight, among other undeniable benefits. The best part of it: once you get in a flow, a detoxifying routine will become an effortless lifestyle choice that you’ll enjoy following. And trust us, it’s easy to get started – here is your guide.

Food, first | Your cleansing routine begins at eliminating unwanted elements from your diet. This doesn’t have to involve going after elaborate diet plans. Only being mindful of sugar and processed food consumption is good enough to get the body’s natural detox system in order – so minimize the intake of these and also try to cut down on factory meats – go for alternatives like organic and free range. To accelerate the detox process, get essential micro-nutrients in your system with eggs, nuts and green vegetables.

Photo credits: Maddi Bazzocco

Hydration, next | Too much caffeine and alcohol and too little water leaves your system dehydrated, bringing down its efficiency in flushing toxins out – not to mention it leaves its telltale signs on your precious skin. So start being kinder to your liver and kidneys by drinking more water and green tea, consuming at least one lemon each day and keeping a tab on your cups of coffee through the day.

Photo credits: Pontus Ohlsson (L); Ieva Vizule (R)

Sweat it out | Skin is a great reliever of toxins from the body. The best means to get this done would certainly be a high-intensity workout twice or thrice a week, but in case you are too busy or too lazy to go about it, a sauna is a close alternative. Sit in there twice a week for about 15 minutes each and you’ll be sorted. Do make sure you take a shower immediately afterwards to wash away the released toxins.

Photo credits: Maddi Bazzocco

Brush your body everyday | Body brushing has a slew of advantages – it stimulates blood flow and encourages lymphatic drainage. It will also help reduce cellulite over time, if you happen to have any. For best results, brush in circular motions starting at the feet and gradually making your way up. Take a bath right after.

Photo credits: Marie Claire

As you see, these are simple lifestyle changes that you can bring about at any time – all you need to do is follow them regularly and you’ll see visible benefits within a few short months. Start today – it’s just a wee effort towards happier physical and mental health.

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