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Make a foray into quality skincare with these Korean goodies

K- beauty (aka South Korea based beauty brands) soared at a time when there was much less awareness about it. Only top YouTube influencers and the well-travelled ones got a taste of the magic potions. But cut to some years later, K-beauty products became a sort of a phenomenon that successfully introduced Asian skincare and beauty to the world. Even Sephora now has a separate aisle dedicated to it! Known for their advanced ingredients and minimalistic packaging, these products have been a cult favourite amongst celebrities - beauty mogul Michelle Phan couldn’t stop raving about its many benefits. If you are someone who has gone past the ‘makeup obsession’ and are dedicated to quality skincare, here are some fail-safe K-beauty products that are creating ripples in the beauty ocean for their avant-garde compositions and of course, their loyal fan base. Let's get to know about the ones we absolutely love.

Whoo Hwanyu Essence

Photo credits: Beautiful Buns

Believe us, skincare has nothing to do with age-the earlier you introduce it to your regimen, the better your skin will be in the future. While ageing is a natural process, you can certainly slow it down. The strength of the History of Whoo’s Hwanyu essence lies in its magical properties that literally erases fine lines and wrinkles from the root. So whether you are a 20-something or are someone who has just about noticed the first bout of wrinkles on your skin – the Hwanyu essence is formulated to not only give a natural boost to your skin, it can also make your skin upto 10 years younger! It comes enriched with a fusion of modern science and the beauty secrets of Korea’s royal court to strengthen, revive, repair, and protect the skin. It is believed that the essence controls the wave of Yin and Yang (cosmetic dual forces) and helps balance it out, thereby reversing the visible signs of ageing. Buy now

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream

Photo credits: Small N Hot 

This cream uses Ginseng as an excellent anti-ageing product that is ultra-hydrating too! People with oily, even sensitive skin can use this cream effectively. No, it won’t break you out or make your skin any greasier. Its emulsifying, feather-light formula just melts into the skin, giving you the most gorgeous glow. What’s more, it is even formulated and stabilised by Korean medicinal processing technology and can be a great everyday moisturizer or even a primer that’ll guarantee you more radiant and even-toned skin. Buy now

Easydew Ex-Repair Control EGF

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This is a holy grail product when it comes to healing those pesky pimples and acne scars. It is an effective spot treatment that contains the highest level of EGF- a protein that promotes cell regeneration, along with caffeine, ceramides, and sodium hyaluronate to de-puff, moisturise and give you smoother, brighter, and younger-looking skin. It even contains paraben and mineral oil free components that can be very helpful if you are prone to allergies or have very sensitive skin. Buy now

Amore Pacific Intensive Vitalizing Eye Essence

Photo credits: Tomoson

Not only is this brand sulphates, parabens and Phthalates free, but it also creates luxury high-performance skin care utilizing the power of Asian botanicals. This is a magic serum that gives your face an illusion of a good night’s sleep even if you haven’t got any! It as an eye serum that is infused with fermented green tea and water hyacinth extract to revive tired eyes. You can use it as an efficient eye moisturizer to hydrate and firm the skin around the eye or just as a luxurious everyday treatment to de-puff and brighten the under eye area. Definitely a great alternative to coffee, we say! Buy now

Lirikos Marine Collagen V Ampoule

Photo credits: Amazon

Often touted as the ‘La Mer’ of Korea, the Lirikos Marine Collagen V Ampoule is a hero of a product that contains two very potent ingredients - marine collagen and deep sea water. Perhaps this is what makes it such a cult favourite amongst women. It comes in a serum format and can be used as a moisturizer as well as a night revitalizing cream. It is advised that each ampoule (or tube) should be used within 14 days for best results. If you are looking for secret fairy dust to warp all those fine lines, improve the elasticity of your skin and also give it a natural glow boost, then this product will definitely be the best to invest in. Buy now

We are crazy about these products and you’ll be too!

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