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This season, stay on top of your hair game with these easy, uncomplicated hairstyles

When 35 degrees Celsius begins feeling like 42 degrees Celsius, you know that summer is officially upon us. And while the season comes with its scorching hassles, it does have its pluses, too – all those long-forgotten cotton maxi dresses, flowy skirts and strappy blouses in an array of pretty floral prints, along with the oversized straw hats and tinted aviators and wayfarers, can finally crawl out of the recesses of your wardrobe and have their moment in the sun.

But even as you look forward to the easy, breezy closet that summer brings with it, there’s one element that constantly poses a challenge. Yes, it’s your crowning glory – your hair. With the soaring levels of humidity in the air, it’s virtually impossible to tame your tresses and keep them from getting drenched with sweat. And let’s not forget the absurd, almost-unmanageable frizz that results after the sweaty strands have dried….

Summer can be most harsh on the hair because it’s the one part of your body that’s always exposed to the harsh, and oftentimes unforgiving, summer sun. That said, that needn’t mean you should let it ruin what would otherwise be the perfect summer look for you. Even as the sun plays its games with your tresses, there are a variety of easy, unfussed hairstyles you can seek respite in that will elevate your summer look whilst simultaneously keeping those stray strands from falling flat on your face.

But, needless to say, you might have to park your hopes for bangs in the garage for the time being.

Here are five of our favourites:

The Messy Bun
The messy bun has been a long-faithful summer friend – it’s quick, simple, and lends your look a relaxed vibe. Whether you choose to tie the bun low or go for a chic top-knot, there’s always scope to play around with the messy bun. You can choose to blow-dry your hair if you want to, before knotting it up and securing the bun with a pretty hair-tie and some cute, colourful bobby pins. And should you wish to go for a slightly more dishevelled look, you could leave a few strands loose in the front to frame your face and accentuate your facial features.

Photo credits: Prevention

The Perennial Ponytail
Be it sleek, smooth low ‘ponies’; voluminous, bouncy high-top ones; or even the edgy half-ponytails…whichever the form, the ponytail has always been summer’s old, trusty friend, and works wonders with keeping the hair from straying onto your face or crawling up behind your neck. If you’re feeling experimental, don’t hesitate to switch up your look by sampling each of these styles, depending on your daily outfit and mood. Since ponytails are all about the hair-ties, make sure you show off the loveliest of the lot – be it those embellished with pearls or embroidered with a bow, or even the spiral hair tie variety that is selling like hot cakes these days!

Photo credits: Elle

The Beachy Waves
If you’ve got a bob or shoulder-length hair, you could take a walk on the wild side and opt for this hairstyle that shines when you leave your hair down. Scrunch up your hair after washing it, so that it settles down into soft waves once dry. To get the most out of this look, part your hair on either side (right or left); avoid a middle parting. If you’d like to accessorize, grab hold of a pretty hairband (a velvet one with a bow maybe) to hold your hair down on your crown or use about three to four pins to pin the side that’s not been parted neatly behind your ear. Either way, this look is perfect for the days you’re going for that dreamy bohemian vibe!

Photo credits: Style Caster

The Braided Beauty
Long hair can be oh-so-tedious to maintain in the summer months, as we’re well aware. But thanks to the braid, long hair can be manageable yet stylish. Now, we know what you’re thinking – oh god, not those slick plaits we’d be forced to flaunt to school again, right? No. If you’ve got long hair, consider yourself lucky enough to be able to have fun with braids. Whether you choose to braid the bottom half of your hair in its entirety or merely sift through a few strands and experiment on the crown of your head, you can be rest assured that the style will lend your look a youthful vibe. And not to mention, the sheer assortment of braids available – from the classic three-strand braid and more elaborate French braid to the edgy fishtail braid and whimsical waterfall braid, among a host of others!

Photo credits: Harper’s Bazaar

The Double Buns
Why go for just the one bun when you can have two high up top? While the double buns work fine for those with straight or mildly wavy hair, it looks best on our girls with curls. If summers are challenging for those with normal hair, it’s doubly challenging for those with curly hair – particularly because the humidity wreaks havoc on curly hair, with the frizz levels tending to get way out of control at times. The double bun is the perfect way to reign in those curls and keeps them away from heat damage – and, of course, it helps that it looks super cute, too!

Photo credits: Cosmopolitan

Now, go ahead – grab those pins, clips, hair ties, and hairbands and get to experimenting! 

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