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Fashion statement or a necessity, why be confused about hats | Here’s a basic guide | Indulge in it this summer

Are you a hat person | A question many of us have dreaded answering for fear of falling into the pretentious hatter community.(And we are not talking about Alice and the Mad Hatter here). But hats are neither a status symbol nor a cultural identity. Hats are just hats. Simple and fun. Hats are not only your saviour on those bad hair days, but also come to the rescue to complete your look. One style tip that you can borrow from your man is the art of wearing a hat. Men carry it so effortlessly; just plop on a baseball or a fedora, and they are ready to go. But give a woman a hat and she is bound to mess up. Although classy and chic, hats are the trickiest accessory to master. Here at IFM, we let you in on the basic styles and how to become a true hat connoisseur (a la Eliza Doolittle).

2016 new York fashion week

The Fedora | We have seen Jennifer Aniston wear one all the time and why shouldn’t she? A fedora is super chic and perfect for effortless dressing. Simply throw one over your denims and tee or that flowy maxi dress. You will be amazed how much personality it can add to your everyday outfits.

Caroline sieber street style

Floppy hats | Inspired from the 70’s, this season they are getting bigger and better (no pun intended). However, a word of caution—these are not your casual daywear hats but meant for more tailored outfits like a chic sheath dress or an A-line silhouette. They throw some boho chicness into your wardrobe. Think about brunches and the vacations and you get the idea.

baseball cap trend 2016

Strap on the sporty chic vibe with a baseball cap. Let your hair loose and wear it sideways

Bucket hats | Unlike your fedoras and floppy hats, a bucket hat is smaller in size, hence the most utilitarian. They are perfect if you are outdoor for longer durations as they provide enough coverage from the sun, yet keep you stylish. Pair one with your everyday outfits like shorts, crop pants and flat shoes, canvas or mules. With the interesting shape of the hat, keep your outfit minimal and let your hat do the talking.

Paris fashion week street

Baseball caps | One more item you can steal from your boyfriend’s closet. Strap on the sporty chic vibe with a baseball cap. Let your hair loose and wear it sideways like Rihanna or backwards like Kristen Stewart. Sport a leather baseball hat for a tough girl vibe or wear it lady-like with dainty, delicate prints, or get your rock-n-roll mode on with a bejewelled baseball cap.

And lastly, if you are buying your first hat, get a classic one in basic neutrals like black, brown or blue.

So let’s turn the phrase on its head and be ‘hot as a hatter’this summer of 2015.

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