Had A Breakup Recently? Here’s Your Handy Guide To Survive It Like A Boss Babe!

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Get your head up, shoulders high and don’t forget to wipe those tears. You have got this girl, this post-breakup rescue kit will sort you out!

Whether you have called it quits or are still mending a broken heart, a breakup is a breakup and like always, it has never been easy. Your mind will wander, you might even have sleepless nights and might even be at an all-time low, but hey, this happens in life! Yes we know it is easy for us to say this but thinking about it will only make it harder and more difficult to recuperate. You can read a thousand novels about it, binge watch movies on Netflix, even sing sad songs to cope with it, but the truth is, NO ONE but you can bring yourself to some semblance. Sure, booking a holiday and getting yourself a makeover can help but not when you want to snap out of that pensive mood the next day. Here are some cool new breakup recovery ideas that you can do the following day of your breakup. Again, it is not going to be easy but these ideas will not only help in lifting your mood but also making you realise that you are more than your last relationship. You go, girl!

Organise An Impromptu Breakup Party

Copious jars of Nutella may sure make you feel good but it will be terrible for your health. Scientists believe that to mend a broken heart, it is best to spend some time with your loved ones. You can call in your close circle of friends and organise a cool new breakup party. After all, what can be better than celebrating a new beginning with a party and a pop of champagne? You can organise it at the pool or just at your home, just make sure you only invite those trusty bunch whom you can bank upon and who can stand by you during this difficult time. Trust us, it will help you a lot.

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Revenge Haircut

There is nothing like a makeover and if you feel that takes a lot of time and effort then going snip-snip would be the best alternative. A brand new haircut will not only give you that much-needed change but will also help you to start afresh. Changing afresh is important and there is nothing a new haircut can’t solve. We know this may sound like a very regressive thought but trust us, it helps. You can choose from an array of haircuts that you have always wanted to do but were too scared to try. Well, guess what? Now is your chance and you better make it worthwhile!

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Go On A Staycation!

By this, we mean to go on a staycation in your own city alone. Sure, you might make plans to relax on the sandy beaches of Spain or go karting in New Zealand, but these seem like a long shot, plus, work will always summer cuz ain’t no one is giving you that long of a break! Best would be to do yourself a favour and spend some ‘me time’ by pampering yourself in a luxury property in India, tow bathrobe and candles surrounding you. Order those extra cookies through room service, while you enjoy a calming spa session. Now, who wouldn’t want that!

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Have The Best Glass Of Wine

It is always advisable to drink with your besties after your break up. But that doesn’t mean you binge drink and get wasted! No, we don’t recommend that at all. Your health is in your hands and a glass of wine will do you some good. Don’t forget that cheese platter to go along with your Bordeaux, while you flush it all out to your friends. Consider this as an unpaid therapy session. Celebrate yourself and make sure your friends are with you when you are at it.

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There Is Nothing Like Pup Therapy!

Life is too small to cry over spilt milk. Your breakup may seem like the end of the world but believe us, you are much more than that. Life is not always a bed of roses and when things get thorny, it is best to give your love to the best creatures in the world-Dogs. There are many dog cafes in metropolitan cities across India, which allow you to play with these furry beauties to your heart’s content. Just some time spent with these pups will make you love your life a little more and will also teach you the worth of selfless love. And there is no better therapy than this!

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We are not saying that this is easy; take your time and take each day as it comes. It is difficult but we are sure you’ll get through this.

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