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Look like an off-duty model or channel your inner diva when you travel | Get your flight-ready look right

We live in a world where adding some pizazz in our lives is easier done than said (with a little effort). Travel is no occasion to leave alone when it comes to fashion (see the magazines filled with paparazzi shots of celebrities travelling?). In fact, it’s a huge advertising opportunity for brands to showcase their products on these celebrities, for additional marketing. Dressing for the airport is as essential as dressing for any other occasion. To help you look your fab rather than drab self at every opportunity, here’s our prescription for fabulous airport dressing.

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 - Chanel - Catwalk Featuring: Model Where: Paris, France When: 06 Oct 2015 Credit: SIPA/ **Only available for publication in Germany**

Look like an off-duty model | Lower the eyebrows! When we say off-duty model, we mean adding comfort in your ensemble. Try sweat-pants with a casual t-shirt or an oversized jumper. But the trick is to pair them with wedge sneakers. A little height will add oomph to the outfit that would otherwise be your ‘running late for errands’ look! And if you want to go a step further, slip on those big headphones around the neck (of course, when you are not listening to music).


Do not, do not wear high heels on long flights


Look like a movie star | This is a well thought out look (we admit). But to bring comfort, abandon the tight skinnys and try boyfriend jeans with a simple shirt or a well-fitted t-shirt. Pair it with a knee-length trench or winter coat. Footwear? A classic brogue is oh-so-chic. But if you can let go of comfort, our pick in footwear (remember we said look like a movie star) is ankle boots or simple pumps. Lastly, cover up the eyes with sunglasses and you’re set for a quick selfie.


The jet-setter look | This is our favorite among the three. It’s not always travelling for pleasure-and for those work trips we need not let go of comfort. Wear a cashmere sweater or a long tunic, with a big leather tote and flat shoes. Keep the silhouettes loose in bottoms, be it dress pants or denims. And add a big scarf for some glamour.


Things to avoid 
High heels on long flights.
Wear durable items so that you don’t have to worry about crinkling or ripping the fabric.
Avoid wearing light-colored fabrics. That dream vacation, a work trip or a weekend jaunt, keep in mind a reference point while putting your clothes selection on your bed before you pack. Since all of us don’t have a walk-in closet, in exchange for an engagement ring like ‘Sex and the City’!

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